Tips for Second Gen Pop-Off Pedals


July 12th 2019

We’ve started shipping pop-off pedals on all of the newest CHANGE bikes, but some users still have questions about usage. These can be answered with a quick, one-minute video, so here it is.

But first…

What are pop-off pedals, and why do we care?

Pop-off pedals accomplish the same space-saving goal of folding pedals, but better.

Unlike folding pedals, which still take up a couple of inches even when folded, pop-off pedals are only as wide as the latch. Pedals can be removed to save space in as little as three seconds. You can also swap back and forth among flat pedals, MTB pedals, and SPD pedals, as long as they all share the same latch.

Second-generation pop-off pedals are reverse-compatible with first-generation Wellgo pop-off pedals, but now include both a latch and a lock. The red ring with dot acts as a latch, and the black ring slides over to lock the latch in place, so your pedals never come undone while riding.

Here’s how they work, along with an insulation tip.

These can go on any bike, and work well when paired with a Revelo folding THINstem to reduce the width of a non-folding bike to just 6″.

So you can do this, anytime you want.

Ready for some second-generation pop-off pedals of your own?

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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