Our fastest-moving mountain bike ever!

OK, so this has never happened before. We recently purchased a shipment of a new, higher end mountain bike–the CHANGE Bike 612–and may have mentioned in social media that it was coming. Before the shipment arrived in the US, we got enough pre-orders that one size is already sold out!

We’re gonna need a bigger shipment…

Introducing the CHANGE Bike 612 mountain bike.

Racing Bikes
The $1,650 CHANGE 612 has the same suspension as a $2000 Trek Superfly 7, but with 3 times the gearing and the freedom of a folding bike.

At a newly set price of $1,650 with free shipping, this bike would be an excellent deal with any frame. Add in the convenience factor available only with a CHANGE Bike, and it’s no wonder that we’re having trouble keeping enough stock on hand.

Folding bicycle
This is why you won’t have to keep an eye on your bike at the restaurant after a day on the mountain. Your bike is safe in the trunk!
Folding Bike
Someone asked us recently if pedals are included. We’re not sure why professional bike photos don’t include pedals, but rest assured, the bikes do… super-convenient pop-off pedals!


Key technology on the CHANGE Bike 612

Fox Performance 32 Float 100 CTD

Fox Racing Shox
CTD air suspension technology is a simple and intuitive method for controlling the suspension characteristics on the bike, so you can make on-the-fly adjustments for different trail conditions.
  • Climb Mode has the firmest low-speed compression, which maximizes pedaling efficiency.
  • Trail Mode provides an optimal blend of pedaling efficiency and control on variable terrain.
  • Descend Mode is an optimized low-speed compression setting which provides the perfect balance of control and plushness for steep, aggressive descents.

Shimano Deore BL-M615 hydraulic brakes

Shimano Deore BL-M615 Hydraulic Brakes
Instead of a steel cable, hydraulic mountain bike disc brakes use hydraulic fluid to push pistons inside the caliper, compressing the brake pads.


  • More precise control and sensitivity, which is good for technical riding
  • Less pressure needed to brake
  • A crisper feel than with mechanical brakes

Shimano Deore M610 30-speed group set

Shimano Deore M610 30-speed Group Set
A lot of tuned precision goes into a smooth, 30-speed index-shifting experience. From derailleurs to sprockets, this combination delivers top performance when you need it.

How soon can I get a CHANGE Bike 612?

Once it’s in stock, we typically deliver in five business days. But manufacturing and delivery to the U.S. can take up to two months, which is why pre-ordering now is so important. Another order is going in by mid-February, for delivery in late March–just in time for Spring riding.

Should we reserve a bike for your Spring riding? What size?

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2 thoughts on “Our fastest-moving mountain bike ever!

  1. I’m very interested in the DF612, when will you have the 19″ model available?
    Thank you
    Steve Lane
    Tucson, AZ

    1. Thanks for the question, Steve. Unfortunately, because we’re getting our first batch in, everyone has to wait like we do for manufacturing and international shipping. Six 612s are in manufacturing now, including some 19s. They’ll ship April 15 and be available from Flatbike a month later.

      When we get back from this Demo Day trip to Oregon and California, we’ll check if all the 19″ bikes have been spoken for. If so, we’ll start the next order, which will be all 612s, now that we know how popular they are!

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