Evergreen MTB Alliance reviews the CHANGE 612

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is the largest organization of mountain bikers in Washington State, where there are over 350,000 people involved in this growing sport. They do important work in advocacy, training, and trail maintenance–building over 60 miles of new trails in the past two years alone.

CHANGE Bike 612

And a couple of weeks ago, two of the organization’s leaders took a couple of CHANGE 612 mountain bikes out for a spin on the trails of Issaquah’s Duthie Hill to see how the bikes perform in real life.


I pulled up in a Nissan Leaf and removed two folded mountain bikes–one from the trunk and the other from the back seat. Both were in the complimentary carry bags that come with CHANGE Bikes. This feature is particularly important because these bikes were going back in the clean car after getting dusty on the trails. Who wants a dirty car?


Folded Mountain Bikes

Yvonne Kraus, Executive Director of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, asked if a folding bike can really hold up to intense trail use. I explained about how CHANGE bikes have passed the international suite of reliability tests for mountain bikes–and are the only folding bikes in the world to do so.

Evergreen MTB Unfolded Bike

Then it was trail time. Yvonne and a top trainer, Tara Moser, rode some of their favorite trails. How did this stack up against other hard tail mountain bikes?

Evergreen MTB Rides

Evergreen MTB Rides

Definitely a positive riding experience. Here’s what they had to say in their own words…

YVonne Kraus

Yvonne: “The bikes are great if you are living in an apartment, you’re renting and don’t have a garage or a rack on your car. If you want to try the sport and come out to enjoy a place like this, a ride like this will do just fine.”

Tara Moser

Tara: “There’s definitely the ‘Wow Factor’–something coming out of your car, pulling apart that actually works on the trail is really fun. And it’s really convenient, being able to just carry it with one hand, put it together easily and just come out and enjoy this!”

The whole video interview is on Seattle Refined magazine online.




Is it for everyone?

If you have limited space and want to add mountain biking as a recreational activity, the CHANGE 612 is a strong choice. But what about more experienced riders? I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by without asking Yvonne how the bike would work for more advanced riders. She listed four things in particular that she would upgrade for her own personal use:

  • Wider handlebars. The CHANGE 612 comes with a 580mm bar. Upgrading to a 680mm or 740mm bar can make a big difference in control and quick action, and some Flatbike customers have done this. It won’t fold quite as small, but if you’ve got the space… use it!
  • 27.5″ wheels. The CHANGE MTB frame in all models and sizes can accommodate this, for easier rolling over rocks and other sharp bumps. But again, it will subtract an inch or two from your folding space. Worth it?
  • 2×11 gearing. Unlike the CHANGE 612, the CHANGE 602 comes standard with this derailleur, but is a more expensive bike that we don’t keep in stock yet. We’ve had at least one special order, however.
  • Clip pedals. The crank arms of the CHANGE 612 can accommodate any pedal, including standard clip pedals. There are even pop-off clip pedals in the market, but they are expensive. The holy grail would be affordable and interchangeable clip and clipless pedals, but we have been unable to source these so far.

So there you have it. Out of the box, this bike gets you out and enjoying the trails, even if you have no space and a tiny (or borrowed/rented) car. Add some upgrades, and it’s ready for any skill level. It’s ready for you!



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