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January 10th 2017

“Can I add this accessory to my bike?” is a common question we’re fielding. I can’t even remember the last time the answer was a No, because CHANGE Bike frames have nearly all the dimensions of a standard commuter/hybrid bike or hardtail mountain bike. This means that nearly all the accessories that work with those bikes also work with these bikes.

Here are some common (and uncommon) ways CHANGE Bikes get modified.

1. Wheels and tires.

This has been a big month for wheels. One customer is moving from narrow custom french rims and tires to the wider wheels on a CHANGE Bike 609 mountain bike. Another customer is moving from the rims and tires on a CHANGE Bike 609 to the rims and knobbier tires on a CHANGE Bike 612.

Wheels and Tires

CHANGE Bikes come with a variety of wheel types. And if it still isn’t a perfect match, change it. Just because you can.

That’s one of the beautiful hidden values about disk brakes; it doesn’t matter what width your wheels and tires are, or even the diameter. One serious mountain biker even swapped out his 26″ wheels for 27.5″ wheels from a bike shop and had this to say:

Foldable Mountain Bike

“After it has been upgraded. And now is a 27.5. The robustness of the framework allowed wheels increases in steps. And it was perfect. The bike is really fantastic. Very light and versatile. Being foldable, it allows freedom to ride whenever you want.”

When you look at the flexibility you have to swap in and out with standard off-the-shelf parts, it’s amazing to remember that we’re still talking about a folding bike!

NOTE: Given the frequent interest in larger tires, we have placed an order for the gnarly-tired CHANGE Bike 612 and will be carrying that in stock.

2. Bike racks.

Bike racks are another common question. Can a rack just be added to the bike and still allow for easy folding?

Yes and no. The commuter bike frame and the mountain bike frame have different requirements.

Bike Adapter

For a commuter bike, you’ll need one of these for underneath the seat post. Just ask. Then you can use your bike with any off-the-shelf bike rack.

Rear Rack

A mountain bike or ruggedized hybrid can be outfitted with a bike rack also, but you’ll need a custom-designed rack from CHANGE Bike.

3. And beyond!

There really is no limit. We have customers modifying bikes in opposite directions.

In Germany, there’s a concept called a “Mom bike.” It’s a bike designed for more upright riding comfort, with raised handlebars, easy access to the water bottle, and a wider, more padded seat–and starting to be marketed in the US as a “comfort bike.” Can a CHANGE Bike turn into one of those?

Absolutely. We finished modifying one this morning.


This bike, modified for comfort and convenience, includes a 4″ handlebar riser and easy-access water bottle cage–both standard market parts. It also features a Satori folding stem, and collapses quickly to fit in the back seat of a Nissan Leaf. Sweet!

Meanwhile, another customer has e-mailed his excitement about adding drop-style handlebars to turn his commuter bike into a speed machine.

Finally, no discussion of accessorizing a bike to perfection is complete without this photo…

Custom Bicycles

11 different accessories, custom handlebars, aero bars, two types of water bottle holders, four types of frame bags, rear rack, and gas bottle holder!

What does your perfect bike look like? You can make it a reality with a CHANGE Bike.

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