Going to the Arlington Fly-in 2019?


August 7th 2019

If you’ve never been to an event like the Arlington Fly-in, it’s something to experience–a big, sprawling festival of all things flight-related, including, thanks to Flatbike, the ability to easily include mountain bike riding in your private plane and next flight adventure.

The vendor expo area of the Arlington fly-in

It’s a big, happening place, but Flatbike will be at Booth 32 in the Exhibit & Vendors area.

Flatbike will have a booth where participants can see and ride the new CHANGE 811 full-size folding rugged hybrid. You’ll also get some great end-of summer deals on 2019 demo models that have been to NYC and back but never owned and ridden.

What is the Arlington Fly-in?

From Friday, August 16 to Sunday, August 18, flight enthusiasts from around the Western US and Canada converge on the airport in Arlington, WA, for a packed weekend of air shows, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and even flight-related twilight movies on the airstrip.

Here is just a smattering of what you’ll see:

The Spirit of St Louis

Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis, sort of (Actually, a full-size replica you can get really close to.)

Interesting fact… did you know that Charles Lindbergh wasn’t the first person to fly across the Atlantic? Or the second, or even in the top 10? Actually the 19th person to fly across that ocean, he was simply the first to solo, an act of bravery which which earned him worldwide fame and ticker-tape parades.

Real jet or drone?

Fighter jets like this, sort of (Actually, it’s a super-realistic remote-control jet!)

Stunt piloting

Stunt pilots doing really amazing things…

My favorite memory of stunt piloting was someone this inverted maneuver behind me a couple of years ago, about 200 feet up, just as I was trying to demo a bike to a small audience of show attendees. After initially trying to be quiet while the noisy plane repeatedly flew by upside down, I realized that all eight people were watching the bike instead. They’d already seen plenty of fly-bys; but this was about bending a bike in half before their eyes!

Drone obstacle course

Stunt piloting, drone-style.

Twilight balloon show

A twilight air balloon show. Flickering fireplaces have nothing on this, followed by an outdoor movie.

And of course, the opportunity to ride CHANGE bikes, get components that fit your own bike in less space, and get some special deals.

Adult folding bikes ready to go in a plane.

Many thanks to Russell (with his CHANGE 612 folding MTBs) for introducing us to this event and Van’s Air Force.

Even if you can’t make it to the show…

We still want to thank you for your perusal of this air show extravaganza with a special pilot-focused offer on the newest CHANGE bikes.

See you in the air (with a CHANGE bike!).

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