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Well, it’s that season again. We’re putting our demo models away after a year of bike shows, road trips, and demo rides, and … we have three more demo bikes than we need.

These three CHANGE bikes are surplus.

We need to sell them from inventory, but at what price? They’re not new, so any new-based price is out of the question. And they’re not exactly refurbished, since they were never not working! They’re just three completely functional bikes in various levels of non-newness that now need to be sold at a used-bike price.

Our genius used-bike pricing model

Since we don’t have a price for used CHANGE bikes, we’ve got a price we think everyone will like: FREE*.

What’s behind that asterisk? Your support for the bicycle-related 501(c)3 charity of your choice. Bid on how much you’ll pay your own favorite bike charity to get one of these bikes, and if you win, your charity gets the money and you get the bike for FREE*.

Here’s what we’re selling:

CHANGE 612, ridden once, by someone who later decided on full suspension.

This isn’t a full-suspension bike. It’s the most convenient hardtail MTB, with 26″ wheels that can be upgraded to 27.5″. And as far as we can tell, it has no scratches anywhere, just some trail dust that we’ll clean off before shipping. At 17″, thisĀ CHANGE 612 generally fits a rider 5’1″ to 5’7″.

CHANGE 702, demoed at a half-dozen shows on two coasts over 18 months.

The CHANGE 702 commuter bike above has some paint scratches–that we’ll touch up–from bike show use. But the gearing, brakes, and all that matters are like-new. In an 18″ frame, this bike is generally designed for riders from 4’11” to 5’3″.

Another CHANGE 702, but for bigger riders.

This CHANGE 702 commuter bike above is in the same generally condition–superficial scratches only. But in a 20.5″ frame, this bike is generally designed for riders from 5’9″ to 6’0″.

Because isn’t set up for bidding, we’re running the auction on a site that is set up for that: eBay.

The fine print

Any contest has rules, and here are the only important ones we can think of:

  1. Bids must be on eBay at one of the three links below.
  2. When bidding, enter your bid and the preferred 501(c)3 bike charity you would like to receive that money. It must be among those listed in the Guidestar guide to non-profits (, under “bicycle.” (1,214 options should be enough, right?)
  3. Upon the conclusion of the bidding, in one week, the winning bidder will pay the winning bid. Flatbike will then ship your bike to you for free (Yes, we’re still doing free shipping even here. It’s a Flatbike thing) and send a check to your preferred charity for the full amount.

Accounting note: Because you receive goods of equivalent value, you cannot count this on your taxes as a charitable donation. It’s just a really good deal on a very convenient bike.

The three bike auction pages are:

If you need one of these bikes, get ready to bid! If not, pass this page on to your favorite bike charity so they can promote it and benefit from the donation while giving their own members a special deal.


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