Bikes that Fold in Half

Escape the monotony or boredom of waiting around in a truck stop, airport, harbor, or hotel with a lightweight folding bicycle from Flatbike. These bikes that fold in half are easily stored in tight spaces, including those in semi-trucks, boats, planes, cars, and hotel rooms. Whether you’re traveling frequently or simply live in a small space, these lightweight folding bicycles are ideal for almost anyone. These bikes aren’t only compact and portable, they’re extremely well-made. With great gearing, these bikes are ideal for rides to and from town, work, or just on an adventure without having to rely on an Uber.

Aside from portability, these bikes that fold in half are very easy to store. Keep them inside your hotel room or home to prevent theft, rust, or neglect. For those in apartment complexes, these bikes can easily be stored in almost any room of the house. When you’re ready to ride again, the lightweight nature of these bikes makes it easy to take them up and down stairs, elevators, and hallways. Regardless of where you spend your time, CHANGE bikes take the inconvenience and frustration out of bicycle ownership.

Flatbike carries CHANGE bikes in a variety of different models to complement your lifestyle. Choose from foldable commuter, mountain, and hybrid bicycles. Each bike comes with a collapsible carrying bag for extra protection. Whether you spend your days traveling the globe, commuting to and from work, or riding the trails, there is a CHANGE bike for you. Each bike ships with Wellgo pop-off pedals.