Folding Bikes for Your Boat

You’ve got your next boat trip planned. Whether you’re going to visit calm, idyllic islands for the relaxation or busy seaside cities for the urban experience and the nightlife, you’ll still face the same issue. How do you get to where the action is, off the water?

A set of bicycles provides not only a quick way to get into town and restock on provisions, but also an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the places you’ve come so far to visit. The choice now becomes whether to get a full-size bike or a folding bike. A full-size bike offers more flexibility in where you can ride and how far. A folding bike fits below deck where you can keep it free of rust and corrosion.

A CHANGE bike offers the best of both worlds. First, it’s a certified-rugged full-size bike, in commuter, hybrid, or mountain bike models. Then, when you’re done exploring, your bike folds in half to ride inside. Even if you choose to mount it above deck, it takes up half the space and fits in a carry bag to keep your bike cleaner, drier, and more fun to ride when you’re ready.

CHANGE 702, 611, and 612