Stranded at remote airfields? Flatbike can help!

There’s tremendous freedom in being a private pilot. You can select exotic airplane camping getaways, fly to small local airfields to get away from the crowd—and then what? You’ve got limited mobility to leave the airfield once you land.

Now what?

For years, pilots have struggled with the next step. Full-size bike or folding bike? A full-size bike offers a lot of mobility, as long as you are willing to sacrifice vacation time in disassembling for transportation and reassembling it for riding. A folding bike saves time, but the pothole-sized wheels, small frame, and limited gearing also limit it as an enjoyable transportation solution.

Why choose?

A full-size folding bike bypasses this dilemma for pilots. The CHANGE bike frame and full-size wheels optimize for the riding experience, while the ability to fold the frame in half eliminates the need to spend an hour breaking down and reassembling your bike.

All CHANGE bikes for pilots have the ability to fold in half in 30 seconds, including a folding frame and convenient pop-off pedals. Yet they are also the only folding bikes in the world to be certified for ruggedness (EN 14766 for mountain bikes), thanks to a patented design that retains the familiar and time-tested “triangle” shape of a standard bike frame.

Folding a full-size bike in half won’t get it down the size of a tiny folder with 20” wheels. Is 35” x 30” x 15” small enough? The best judges of this are probably pilots themselves; with room for two bikes now as cargo, pilots tend to purchase CHANGE bikes two at a time to share their adventures.


Get ready for adventure…

Now instead of choosing between full-size and folding bikes, you’re free to choose what type of full-size folding bike makes the most sense for your personal riding needs—mountain bike or hybrid?

  • MTB. The CHANGE 612 folding mountain bike features 26” tires, Shimano 30-speed gearing, hydraulic brakes, 2.1″ knobby tires, and Fox air shocks—everything you need to take your adventure from a smooth landing into an adventure in the rough outback.
  • HYBRID. The CHANGE 611 folding rugged hybrid features 26″ tires, Shimano 27-speed gearing, disc brakes, 1.5″ smooth tires, and a rugged yet light carbon fork. Weighing in at just over 23 lbs, it is an ideal touring bike, from dirt trails to paved roads.

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Bob Forgrave