Bikes for RV Owners

An RV is great for getting to different parts of the country and exploring the great outdoors. But at some point, you’re also going to need a transportation accessory, so every little errand doesn’t require moving your home. You could tow a smaller vehicle behind you, but that reduces gas mileage and creates its own headaches every time you need to back up or turn around.

A better option is a set of bicycles, providing not only a quick way to get around the campground, but also an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the parks you’ve come so far to visit.

The problem is, where to put them? Outside the RV, they’re subject to road grit, bug juice, rusting in the rain, and simply getting in the way of access doors even when the bikes aren’t in use.

bike hanging precariously (and in the way) from RV

And yet, it isn’t much better inside the camper, where full-size bikes take up valuable storage space even with the front wheels removed. It’s almost enough to make an RVer settle for one of those small-wheel  folding bikes.

bikes taking up sleeping space in an RV


Finally, a bike designed for RV owners.


A CHANGE bike breaks through this dilemma combining the best of full-size and folding bikes.

First, a CHANGE bike is optimized for great rides, with full-size wheels and the traditional, time-tested diamond-shaped frame that provides the perfect blend of strength and light weight. The rugged hybrid below is certified rugged (ISO-4210) for use on roads of any quality, with 27.5″ wheels and 1.5″ shock-absorbing tires, yet uses a solid carbon-fiber fork to reduce weight down to 27 lbs.

CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid

And then… it folds in under a minute, down to a svelte 37″ x 35″ x 15″, small enough to put away in creative places.

CHANGE 811 folded rugged hybrid

Is this bike inside or outside? It’s hard to say. But it’s full-size, out of the way, fully protected, and totally convenient. It’s a CHANGE bike!

Folded CHANGE bike in a compartment

Which CHANGE bike is right for you?

  • CHANGE 702 Folding Hybrid: Just 24 lbs, with industry-standard 700c road wheels, this is the perfect lightweight companion for getting out and about on paved roads.
  • CHANGE 811 Folding Rugged Hybrid: Built on a folding MTB frame, with 27.5″ rugged Mavic wheels, this rugged yet light bike can handle even the roughest roads and gravel trails.
  • CHANGE 812 Folding Off-road MTB: This bike adds high-end components like FOX air shocks and hydraulic brakes to make this the most flexible performance trails (or no trails) bike for serious mountain bikers.