Bikes for Truckers

Few jobs require as much sitting as long-haul trucking. So it’s critical for health reasons to get outside at every opportunity and squeeze in a little exercise. That doesn’t mean it has to feel like work. Just zipping around on a bike while you’re at the depot can give you a cardio boost that’s way better for your body and mind than more sitting and watching DVDs while your truck unloads. Have an adventure!

But what kind of bike, and where to put it? A full-size bike offers more flexibility in where you can ride and how far—and is designed for a trucker’s build. A folding bike fits conveniently in the cab.

A CHANGE bike offers the best of both worlds. First, it’s a full-size bike in hybrid or mountain bike models, that is certified-rugged, able to handle riders of 300 lbs or more. So it’s a ride you can trust.

Then, when you’re done exploring, your bike folds in half to ride inside. Even if you choose to mount it behind your cab, it takes up half the space of a full-size bike and fits in a carry bag to keep your bike cleaner, drier, and more fun to ride when you’re ready.


CHANGE 611 and 612