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Flying high on a CHANGE Bike

So many CHANGE Bike videos are simply about folding and unfolding, it’s refreshing to see a totally different video like this from the UK, of someone just driving a bike out to a good mountain bike trail and enjoying the challenge of exhilaratingly tight downhill turns, bumps and jumps. After all, that adrenaline rush is why we have the bike in the first place, right?

Catching air

When catching air, there’s no difference between a CHANGE Bike and any other well-designed hardtail mountain bike.

But for full effect, it needs to be a bike that’s designed for this type of use.

Often, as a teenager on a repurposed 10-speed Schwinn Varsity road bike I’d rebuilt for far more rugged use than originally engineered, I’d start questioning my ride reliability in mid-air while bracing for the landing. Is the rear axle going to bend or snap again? Any visible cracks in the stem? Are my brakes adjusted? IS MY FRONT WHEEL ON TIGHT? Every large leap of my bike was also a leap of faith.

Yes, it was also an adrenaline rush, but needless to say, this perspective detracted a bit from the ride at times.

That’s why the numbers EN-14766 are so important. They signify a standard international battery of tests for mountain bikes that are so demanding, only one folding bike manufacturer in the world has passed them. Not those folding bikes with the little wheels, like Dahon and Bike Friday. Not Montague, the larger, better-known manufacturer of cheaper full-size bikes, often in camouflage colors, claiming to be rugged!

Only CHANGE Bikes, and other top manufacturers to of performance mountain bikes, are certified to do what you see below, with full confidence in the frames and components:

This certification is further backed up by a 5-year CHANGE Bike frame guarantee (which Flatbike extends to a lifetime guarantee), and a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all non-consumable components. And the quality of component selection, including responsive index shifting and quick-stopping disk brakes makes the ride easier and worry-free.

All of which means, you sacrifice absolutely nothing by making your next hardtail bike purchase a CHANGE Bike like the DF-609. You just gain the ability to take it anywhere without a bike rack on our car, ride out some place and drive off with a friend afterwards…basic bike-freedom types of things.

You can also ship it to foreign destinations easier, and take it from the airport without a bike rack on your rental car. That’s something we’ll look at next time.

In the meantime, hit the trails!

Bob Forgrave's Signature

Bob Forgrave is president of Flatbike, an
ecommerce company offering full-size folding bikes
and kits to make any bike take up half the space.



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