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First, it's a sporty, 22-lb aluminum road bike designed for comfortable 100-mile rides, featuring a carbon fork, 700c wheels and Shimano 105 2x11 gearing. 
And then the real magic begins...

Sample Feedback from Other Flatbike customers
It feels very secure (and has been certified to be secure) when fully open. Cobble stones are worse than offroad, but New York has them and they haven't damaged the bike...

It is a great looking bike. I wanted a full-size bike that folded rather than one with small wheels. Most people think it is a great regular bike and don't realize it folds. Add really light and it is perfect.
William M.
The black color is surprisingly sleek. As advertised it really does fold in less than a minute once you practice, and fit into the back of a cab with tons of room to spare - a godsend when you have poor time management and need to haul yourself and your bike somewhere in a hurry.

The folding aspect comes in handy even if you don't have time to fold it completely - e.g. just a slight "bend" in the frame makes it much easier to carry on narrow and steep old staircases.
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Cork bar tape

Concerned about bike or component theft? Store a Flatbike Century safely indoors at both ends of your ride, because it folds flat and out of the way against any wall.

Bikes on the outside of cars? That's history with a Flatbike Century. Fit yours in any small car, taxi, or ride share. Or keep it in your trunk to always be ready to explore new places.

Tight on space? A Flatbike Century fits easily in elevators, cubicles, studio apartments...even that narrow space between your car and wall if you happen to have a small garage. 

The house-trained, convenient, everyday road bike.

Enjoy Portability Without Compromise.

We could use cheaper components. But then it wouldn't be a Flatbike.

The Flatbike Century is orderable 
for $1,780 with free shipping to US and Canada. Or spread the cost over three months at 0% interest with Affirm.

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34-11 Shimano cassette
50/34 Shimano 105 Chainrings 
Pop-off pedals
Changebike folding frame
THINstem folding stem 
Flatbike seat bag for pedals
Jagwire shift tension adjusters 
Split seat 
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The bike arrived within days tuned and ready to ride with minimal assembly required -- a metric allen wrench set was included along with some spare parts.  After my first spin around Central Park I must say, the bike is AWESOME!!!!  I highly recommend Flatbike.com! Thanks so much for a great purchasing experience!! 
Seth S.
After years of expensive, crappy rentals, and nightmarish disassembly and reassembly of "full size" bikes, the ability to fold and pack/unpack in the space of two minutes is amazing. The bike is just lovely. The more I live with it the happier I get. I might switch to a set of pop-off SPDs, but right now I'm blissfully happy with the combo.             
Frank O.

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