“Extra trimmings” sale on CHANGE 611 and CHANGE 612

The CHANGE 611 folding rugged hybrid and the CHANGE 612 folding mountain bike have been two of our top sellers since 2016.

It’s been an amazing journey. Along the way, we’ve heard wonderful customer stories about how these two full-size folders with 26″ wheels have uniquely solved customers’ needs, from owning an MTB in a 500 square-foot family apartment to getting involved in the adventure of bikerafting.

CHANGE 612 folding MTB in action
Even the main video on our home page is a CHANGE 612 in action.

But now, we’ve got a new generation of full-size folders with 27.5″ wheels, so it’s time to reduce some inventory as 2019 winds down. Between the CHANGE 611 and CHANGE 612, we’ve got a total of just 13 bikes left as we close out these models. Here’s how we’re sweetening the deal, while supplies last.

What the heck are “extra trimmings?”

Bear with us with this analogy. Just like those extra dishes at Thanksgiving turn a nice meal into an amazing feast, extra components can turn a nice bike into an amazing deal.

A full-size folder is just the starting point. And because CHANGE bikes are built on a standard diamond frame, there are all sorts of aftermarket add-ons you can buy to customize your bike to your needs. But why wait until after? And why pay for them if they’re included for free?

Here’s what we’re offering now at no extra cost while supplies last:

BOTH BIKES: Carbon fiber bottle holder, normally $35.

Yes, you could say it’s high-tech looking and incredibly light, but the real reason to get this is rather simple.

CHANGE carbon fiber bottle cage
Unlike aluminum bottle holders, carbon fiber won’t get those annoying grey smudges on your water bottle, your hands, your clothes…

BOTH BIKES: Topeak Mini Morph bike pump, $27 on Amazon.

One moment it fits on your bike like a small hand pump, the next it’s morphed into a small floor pump.

Topeak Mini Morph tire pump
Using it in floor mode makes it easier to top off your tires with less arm strength.

CHANGE 611: Axle-mounted kickstand, normally $30.

As a bike enthusiast from Canada explained to me years ago, the best type of kickstand is axle-mounted, because it doesn’t get in the way of pannier bags, and there’s zero chance you’ll accidentally kick it while riding. This method is hard to find.

CHANGE axle-mounted kickstand
While it’s a great kickstand, this is also a custom component, designed exclusively to fit CHANGE frames.

CHANGE 612: Tannus Armour inserts, soon to be $80 (stock arriving shortly).

This thorn-defending insert is one of Tannus Tires’ hottest products, specially designed for the unique demands of wider tires and low pressure, high-traction usage.

Tannus Armour tire insert
If the ultimate happens, and you get a depressurization anyway, you can even ride “flat” on it with zero damage to your rim or tire.

Putting it all together…

Either way you go, you’re saving some serious money in aftermarket components:

  • CHANGE 611: Carbon fiber bottle holder, Mini Morph tire pump, axle-mounted kickstand = $92 in freebies.
  • CHANGE 612: Carbon fiber bottle holder, Mini Morph tire pump, Tannus Armour inserts = $142 in freebies.

This is the best deal on CHANGE 611 and CHANGE 612 bikes in years…and it may be our last, as we’re down to just over a dozen bikes left across both models. Is one of these yours?

CHANGE 611 with extra trimmings
Carbon bottle cage and Mini Morph pump fitted on a CHANGE 611, just like they belong there.

So this fall, give yourself the gift of a full-size folder with extra trimmings.

Happy riding!

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