The 17″ CHANGE 611 is back in stock!

Just after our last international shipment, in late summer, we had a run on the CHANGE 611 rugged folding hybrid. It seems everyone wanted the smallest size, and just like that…we were out. Not only did other potential buyers need to wait for our next shipment, but they needed to wait for the manufacturer to MAKE MORE of them.

It was an embarrassingly long time for Flatbike, as we take pride in our usual next-day prep and one-week delivery. But we paid for a shipment of just this model and size, it’s now been months, and as of 1 PM today, we are fully stocked again.

Lightweight Foldable Hybrid Bike

Why is the CHANGE 611 rugged hybrid so popular?

Think of it as ‘the everything bike.’ It’s got wide enough tires to go equally well on roads, gravel and dirt, like the CHANGE 612 mountain bike. Yet it also has smooth tires and a rugged monocoque carbon fork that help keep it comfortable and light on longer rides.

And it makes a great touring bike. Add off-the-shelf parts as needed.

It uses the same ruggedness-tested mountain frame as the CHANGE 612 mountain bike, in four convenient sizes.

It features BB5 disc brakes and 27-speed Shimano shifting, and more…

And, like all CHANGE bikes, it folds quickly to half-size for storage anyplace you need to keep convenient transportation available.

What’s not to love?

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


6 thoughts on “The 17″ CHANGE 611 is back in stock!

    1. Hi, Dr. Jasso. For which bike? The 611 and 612 are already in stock in 19 inches. The 702 is out in 19″–and will soon be out of other sizes too–because that’s a clearance, making way for upcoming folding road bikes.

    1. Hi. We don’t have a distribution network in Malaysia, but we do sell to other countries, including in the Asia Pacific region.

      One note: This article is from two years ago, and the models have since been upgraded. See the 811 and 812.

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