Spring sale: Save hundreds on the CHANGE 702

Well… that was an eventful winter. Ready to look past it? Here’s a great way to start making the most of Spring.

The CHANGE 702 commuter bike is a full-size, 23-lb folding bike with 24 speeds of Shimano road index-shifting gearing, making it a great everyday bike. And then it does this…

Yep, that’s a full-size CHANGE bike folding into a Smart car trunk. In 30 seconds, with no tools.

It’s got an internationally patented folding mechanism that’s certified to be as strong as a non-folding bike (EN-14781).

So it’s convenient to take places, whether you travel by car, boat or train. (It even goes on trains when most bikes are not allowed).

But it’s also convenient to store places, so you bike doesn’t get banished to a dark and dusky corner of the garage for size reasons.

You won’t have put your bike at risk anymore…
…Or leave your cycling investment out to rust!

After all, that’s what we’re talking about here… an investment in health, recreation, and transportation.

You want a bike that’s convenient indoors, outdoors, and can even be fully secured with a single U-bolt lock.

Here’s why now is a great time to get a CHANGE 702 commuter bike.

This bike currently lists for $1,350 on Amazon, but during our Spring 2019 sale, you can get the CHANGE 702 for just $980 at

This discount of nearly $400 is limited to existing inventory in-stock today. When these 30 bikes are gone–or out in your size–then you’ll need to choose a different model or wait until we restock at a different price.

Bikes in the shop, ready to ship.

Can I really just buy a bike off the internet?

When making a major purchase, trust is important. That’s why we partner with TrustPilot to capture authentic post-purchase feedback.

96% of our TrustPilot reviews are 5-star.

Why so high? We could tell you about our 15-point quality check and all that, but our customers say it so much better…

“Very easy to do business with. I had heartache over buying a bike site unseen, however Bob answered every conceivable question and once i did purchase, had follow up with them. They stand by the “hey its not for me i want to return it” policy, however i REALLY like the bike. Would definitely do business with them again!” Luis Garcia

“The U.S. distributor extends the warranty from 3 years from the manufacturer to lifetime, so you can’t beat that. He’s very quick to respond any questions and requests that I had, so I would give the reseller 5 out of 5 stars for outstanding service. I would recommend others to compare this bike versus that other full-sized commuter bike.” JRH

So check out the CHANGE 702 commuter hybrid. Look at the sizing chart. Then get this amazing full-size folding hybrid before it’s gone, and make the most of your Spring!

Happy riding…on your most convenient bike ever.

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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