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November 18th 2022

When we brought the Changebike line of folding bikes to the US in 2016, the CHANGE 702 folding street hybrid was among our first models, and our most popular, because of what this full-size folding bike could do. Here was a full-size bike with road tires that was perfectly designed for urban use where space was at a premium.

Naturally, being Flatbike, we immediately started looking for ways to push the limits of this bike.


CHANGE 702 folding size.

OK, so this bike can fold down to 35″ x 30″ x 14″. But what does that really mean? Can we put in the trunk of a car and take it places without a car rack?

Suppose we don’t have a trunk . . . and our car is a SmartCar?


Fit a full-size bike in that little car? King of tiny. Good luck, buddy!


Change 702 unfolded with a SmartCar



CHANGE 702 folded with a SmartCar



folded CHANGE 702 in a SmartCar


And… just because it’s possible and we push the limits here at Flatbike…

two CHANGE 702 bikes in a smartcar

Two CHANGE 702s, meticulously arranged to fit in a SmartCar at the same time. (But alas, not at the same time as the 6’5″ driver.)

Well that was interesting. So anyone can put a CHANGE 702 folding full-size bike in a car, either to take it safe and amazing places to ride, or just to combine driving and biking for a combined commute that saves all that expensive downtown parking–maybe even enough to buy a bike with the savings!

But how fast can we fold it? Less than a minute? How about  . . . 30 seconds?


Now we do the folding convenience test.

Yes! Well… it did take us an extra 6 seconds to store the pedals in the seat bag…

In all, this is a pretty impressive bike. But don’t take our word for it…


Customers sound off on the CHANGE 702 folding street hybrid.

These are searched for and copied straight off TrustPilot, where we have our entire set of reviews visible for all.


And now… why it’s be best time ever to buy one.

Recently, Changebike has told us that they will no longer be making frames in the largest, 22″ (55 cm) size anymore. Anyone over 6’2″ who wants this bike will be unable to buy it.

At Flatbike, that doesn’t work for us. Nobody gets left out. It’s all or nothing. So we’re selling off all our remaining inventory of CHANGE 702 folding street hybrids and the CHANGE 733 folding road frames they’re built on. (This is also the frame that we built the CHANGE Century road bike on, so that popular model will be going away too.)

The good news for you–if you’re not 6’2″ or taller—is that it’s sale time. I’ve never personally heard of a “Going out of model” sale, but this is one:

  • Discount code for CHANGE 702 folding street hybrid: 702DEAL for $150 off. Enter in the Discount Code field.
  • Discount code for the CHANGE 733 folding road frameset: 733DEAL for $80 off. Enter in the Discount Code field.

Either way, you get one of the best deals we’ve ever offered!


A few words about this bikes’ folding frame.

If the best part of the CHANGE 702 is the full-size folding road frame, this message is for you.

Build your own dream bike. This is where it all starts…

And this is what folks have built with it.

Change 733 frame becoming a road bike

Change 733 frame becoming a road bike

CHANGE 702 folded with one lock

What does your dream bike look like? A pre-built CHANGE 702, or a home-built bike around that bike’s frame?

Either way, now is the time to get it while supplies last and these discount codes are still in effect:

See you out on the roads!


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