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Every week lately, we’ve been getting calls about when the CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid will be back in stock. This was already our most popular bike, and everything we had but two 17″ bikes were snapped up way back at the beginning of this COVID epidemic, followed by supply chain chaos.

Yes, we’ll have the 811 (shown here) and the 809 in your size again.

And now…we’re almost past all that. Our shipment has shipped. On August 30, we’ll have about 40 bikes in stock again, including the CHANGE 811 and CHANGE 809 street MTB in pine green in all sizes, as well as an unannounced, surprise model…

It’s BAAAACK! After we discontinued it, so many folks special-ordered the 702 road hybrid that you convinced us to bring it back into the lineup, in four sizes of both black and white.

Last year, after introducing a true folding road bike, we discontinued the CHANGE 702 road hybrid commuter bike. So some folks with lots of patience special-ordered the CHANGE 702 with us, knowing they’d need to wait months for it to show up from Taiwan.  That’s an incredible statement of value, so we have decided to bring back this entry-priced bike. We’ll have this back in stock in all sizes on August 30.

People checking out our components have also noticed outages. Here is the current status of each low-stock item:

  • Folding stems. We’ve got plenty of THINstems for older, vintage bikes with 1″ handlebars, but the newer stems for 1.25″ handlebars are out of stock. We don’t yet have a restock date certainty, but are anticipating an August 30 date as well.

THINstem animation

  • Pop-off MTB pedals. These went out of stock in July. We’d already had a major resupply order in for months, but delivery time frame to dealers now is half a year (!), so we won’t see restock until the end of October. NOTE: In the meantime, if you order a folding MTB like the CHANGE 812 that should have pop-off MTB pedals, we’ll include pop-off black flat pedals to get you out on your bike, and follow up with a set of pop-off MTBs when they arrive. (Outfit another bike too, if you have one.)

  • Pop-off mini-MTB pedals. These pedals certainly have their enthusiasts, but were basically a placeholder for MTB pedals until we could find the read deal. Now we have, even if they take forever to get. The plan is to sell out of this now-discounted pedal model. We’re out of black mini-MTB, and nearly out of grey silver, but still have plenty of red.

Several folks have asked if we can open up bike sales on back order. Ordinarily we’d say No, because it feels really uncomfortable to collect money and not be able to ship in a timely way. But now that we have an arrival date, and with half a dozen bikes already special-ordered on back order, this seems like a good time to break our own rules. The first weekend of August, the August 30 bike inventory will go into the ordering system. (Components, not yet).

Got questions? There’s some quiet time before August 30…  Contact me at or 425-985-6219 PST.

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