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A mile of vertical climb???

Fabio Luis Carmona Lara knows exactly what he wants in a mountain bike–a sporty, lightweight, hill-climbing, safe-descending recreation machine that fits inside his car (or anywhere else) when he’s not riding. But that’s a lot to expect. And there wasn’t anything like that in Brazil.

But he was going to be driving in the US. And Flatbike ships anywhere in the US for free in a week or less, so there was hope. But timing was critical. So six months ago, we shipped him a white DF-609 mountain bike exactly as he passed through Houston, just in time for him to take it on a plane to Rio de Janeiro and drive another thousand miles with it to his home town.

Now he rides it regularly in Brazil, tracking his performance on Strava. I checked in with him recently, and discovered he’d ridden over a mile of vertical climb just in the past four weeks:


That by itself would be impressive, but keep in mind that this is on a folding bike. Here’s what Fabio has to share about the experience:

The bike is really fantastic. Very light and versatile. Being foldable, it allows freedom to ride whenever you want.

It is an authentic mountain biking. Exceeds  trails and more difficult roads. Lose nothing for 29ers bikes.

I share my cycling in Strava. You can follow me there.

Fabio Luis Carmona Lara



Even better than new…

Of course, being a serious mountain biker, Fabio also has his own ideas about components. Can a CHANGE bike be upgraded to larger wheels?


“After it has been upgraded. And now is a 27.5. The robustness of the framework allowed wheels increases in steps. And it was perfect. Attached picture.”


Chances are, you won’t need to travel 8,000 miles by car and plane to get your new CHANGE bike home.  If you live in the US, you can be riding it in a week. But can you do a vertical mile a month like Fabio? That’s up to you…


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Bob Forgrave is president of Flatbike, an
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and kits to make any bike take up half the space.




  1. dhds says:

    Fabio is a climbmonster!!

    1. Bob Forgrave says:

      Indeed. CHANGE Bikes have incredible hill-climbing ability, but Fabio takes it to a whole new level!

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