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The first shipment of bikes on the new CHANGE folding MTB frame will leave Taiwan for Flatbike on May 29. Once Flatbike has an estimate for when that shipment will clear customs in the Pacific Northwest, we can start taking orders and providing realistic delivery estimates. That’s the rule; we don’t take your money until we can tell you when you get your bike.

In the meantime, here are three things to consider pre-order…

Wheel size: 27.5″ or 26″?


This also translates into “new frames or previous frames”? We’ll have both in stock for a short period.

The new frames support the larger, increasingly popular 27.5″ MTB wheels. This size has the reputation of being less bouncy on rocky trails (or on semi-repaved NYC streets, I suppose).

Mathematically, a 27.5″ wheel gets you most of the roll-over benefits of a 29″ wheel with less bulk.

The folded dimensions for the CHANGE 812 MTB—the replacement for the CHANGE 612 MTB—are now in, and according to the manufacturer, the folded dimensions have not changed, even with a larger wheel: 39″ long x 33″ high x 16″. This removes folded size as a decision factor between wheel sizes.

Internal cabling protects from the elements.

Bikes with the new frames have internal cabling, second-generation pop-off pedals, new colors, some gearing changes . . . and a higher price tag that may guide your choice about which size wheel to opt for.

  • CHANGE 812 (27.5″) professional MTB: $1,980. This eventually replaces the CHANGE 612 (26″), currently at $1,580. Highlights are 2 x 10 Shimano gearing, FOX Performance 32 Float fork, hydraulic brakes, and Mavic Crossride wheels.
  • CHANGE 811 (27.5″) rugged hybrid: $1,780. This eventually replaces the CHANGE 611 (26″), currently at $1,580.
  • CHANGE 809 (27.5″) MTB: $1,380. This replaces the CHANGE 609 (26″) that we have already discontinued. We don’t have a Flatbike page yet, but here’s the manufacturer’s page for the 809. (We are ordering only limited quantities as a preliminary test, so if you have an interest in this and have not placed dibs on an incoming bike, let us know early so we can get your needs met by the second shipment at the latest.)

Color: Black, Pine Green, or Arctic Blue?


If you want a black MTB, you’ll need to order from the existing (26″) stock before it sells out. We currently have a couple of bikes in all four sizes of both the CHANGE 611 and CHANGE 612.

The CHANGE 811. Same matte black as the 611, but with a frame upgrade and wheel size change.

The other new bikes are where photos start to fail us. We can do colors fine…

Pine Green (shown with CHANGE 812)
Arctic Blue (shown with CHANGE 809)

…but the new photos from the manufacturer are either incomplete or inaccurate.

  • The CHANGE 812 professional MTB comes in both Arctic Blue and Pine Green, but no photos in Arctic Blue exist yet. Refer to the 809 photo for blue.
  • The CHANGE 809 MTB comes in both Arctic Blue and Pine Green, but no photos in Pine Green exist yet. Refer to the 612 photo for green.
  • The CHANGE 811 rugged hybrid still comes in black. We have also gotten the OK to have Arctic Blue and Pine Green frames, but the carbon fork will remain black. Is there interest? There are no photos yet.

The 812 photo also shows a triple crank, which is not the actual spec. Shimano 2 x 10 has replaced this. Other than that, we believe everything is accurate.

Sizing: Four sizes or three?


When Flatbike first started carrying CHANGE MTBs, we thought it odd that the frame sizes were 17″, 18″, 19″ and 21″. That’s a skewed distribution. But after some initial resistance, we abandoned our 17-19-21 stockage plan and started carrying 18″ bikes also.

The new bikes are in three sizes: 17″, 19″, and 21″. So the sizing grids between old and new bikes won’t exactly match for rider height. Here are the differences.

Previous frame sizing. Four sizes to fit riders from 5’1″ to 6’7″.
New frame sizing. Three sizes to fit riders from 5’1″ to 6’7″. And we now provide info about tube sizing, for those who’ve been asking.

And with that, you know as much as we do…maybe even enough to order a 26″ bike before we’re out of stock or request a new 27.5″ model in the size and color you need.

Stay tuned to the latest developments (and if you haven’t joined our monthly newsletter, now is a pretty good time…)

See you on the trails!

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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