New price for the 702 commuter bike

Lately, we’ve been driving our van to the international shipment warehouse about once a month, collecting shipments averaging 1/3 of a shipping container. That’s a lot of bikes! It’s enough that we’ve earned a manufacturer’s volume discount on the CHANGE 702 commuter bike.


Thanks for making this 24-speed full-size folding bike such a popular model. Now we can pass a discount on to you!


Starting today, we’re reducing the retail price of the 702 commuter bike to just $1,180. And it’s got the same service add-ons you expect, such as the 12-point quality check, free shipping in the US, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Complimentary product add-ons

Service add-ons are just the start. The manufacturer’s photos above don’t quite represent the commuter bikes that Flatbike ships because of two add-on components. We pay Changebike for both of these and then add them for free to every 702 CHANGE commuter bike we sell.

This is no ordinary kickstand. Axle-mounted, it delivers excellent stability while making your bike easy to latch in the folding position.


This component makes your bike even easier to carry your bike one-handed. So we ship it as a routine part of your bike.

Same with the carbon fiber frame guard…

We add this component right underneath your water bottle holder; It protects your frame against accidental scratching by your crank arm when you fold the frame. Who wants a scratched frame? So we include this also, compliments of Flatbike.


Put it all together, and there’s never been a better time to start get a CHANGE 702 commuter bike in your life.


Now start exploring!

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