Accessorize your CHANGE bike!

It’s a big day. In the past 24 hours, we’ve nearly doubled the opportunities to ‘make biking easier’, whether or not you’re purchasing a CHANGE bike.

Some of these are components we’ve discussed for a while, and finally got in stock and made orderable. Others may be entirely new. Either way, here are your options today:

Three styles (and two types) of pop-off pedals.


Pop-off pedals are useful whether you’re taking them off to fold your bike or even just as a convenience when rolling or carrying it. All CHANGE bikes and frames come standard with pop-off pedals.

As of last week, we had only the MKZ pop-off pedals. They provide a conveniently round latch, but use a different latching design than our standard pedals, so these are best used either as a purchase for non-CHANGE bikes or a swap-out for anyone who does not want the standard pull-out latch.

MKZ pop-off pedals
MKZ Pop-off Pedals: Best used with street bikes. Round latch is shoe-friendly.

Now you can also get an extra set of the pedals that ship by default with CHANGE bikes, in case you want to have one set of pedals with cages/toe straps and one with standard flats. The latch is highly secure, but if you have a narrow foot placement, the latch may rub.

Wellgo pop-off pedals
Wellgo pop-off-pedals: Ship standard with all CHANGE bikes (unless you ask for a swap-out).

At the same time, we also added a wider pedal that is better suited to mountain biking. It uses the same latch as the standard pedals, and is interchangeable.

MTB pop-off pedals
MTB pop-off pedals: Fully compatible and ready for mountain biking.

NOT SHOWN: Pop-off pedals in SPD. We found and ordered them. They’re compatible with the side-latch type (but with a second-generation round latch). And they’re still enroute to the US. We won’t make it orderable until we can deliver quickly.

While we’re speaking about pedals, here’s where you can store yours for convenience every time your bike is folded. The Flatbike seat bag is now complimentary with each new CHANGE bike shipped (and orderable for those who don’t have a CHANGE bike).


The well-secured Flatbike seat bag is just the right size for two pedals when you’re stopped–and your wallet or phone when you’re riding.

Flatten your bike with a folding stem.


The appeal of simply folding your handlebars 90 degrees is so great that people have been trying to get it right since 1922.

Flatten your bike
Combine pop-off pedals with a folding stem on a bike–any bike–and you’ve got a bike that fits in a 6-inch wide space.

Right now, the Satori stem is the only folding stem we ride and sell, and Flatbike is the only place you can get it, but we are also testing a folding stem from Revelo.

Satori folding stem
The Satori stem uses a cam latch and safety button to secure your handlebars in riding position.

Ship your bike anywhere.


We’ve already mentioned our year-long search for this hard case, and why you might need it, but now it’s in stock and orderable.

Foldon Box M
Foldon Box M: The most rugged, secure, gentle way to ship your bike on airlines that tumble your luggage.

Common components that are still rare.


These components are on our site because they are both commonly requested and hard to find.

Any off-the-shelf rack will fit a CHANGE 702 commuter bike. But if you’re ordering a CHANGE mountain bike or rugged hybrid, you’re going to need a custom rack.

MTB rack
This is one of the few custom parts on a CHANGE bike. And then, only on mountain bikes and the CHANGE 611.

A CHANGE 702 commuter bike ships with an axle-mounted kickstand by default; it works with the fork to offer a built-in latch for the bike when folded. But the mountain bike version doesn’t do that, so we don’t ship the MTB kickstand unless requested.

MTB kick stand
An axle-mounted kickstand is far less likely to get kicked when you have a bike loaded with panniers.

Water bottle holders are a dime a dozen. Often in uncoated aluminum, they shed a dull grey color that needs to be washed off your hands and never does come out of white water bottles. The CHANGE water bottle holder is a huge improvement…

CHANGE Water bottle holder
CHANGE Water bottle holder: One ounce of carbon fiber that keeps all your water bottles clean.

And finally, the secret component…


For mountain bike buyers, the standard 580mm handlebars are convenient for fitting into tight spaces or riding between trees. Others would prefer a longer handlebar, such as 680mm–which we offer, in carbon fiber, as a complimentary swap-out at purchase.

Longer bars
Longer bars: Want longer handlebars on your CHANGE 609, 611, or 612? Just ask!

Whether you’re getting a CHANGE bike or just making your existing bike do more with uncommonly convenient components, it all starts here.

See you on the trails!

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