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April 12th 2018

Thanks for continuing to send us photos of what you’re doing with your CHANGE bike. In the past year, we’ve heard from bike campers …


CHANGE 612 mountain bike on a 250-mile trail ride from Pittsburgh to DC.

…people with limited living space…

Bike in the Hallway

CHANGE 702 out of the way next to the front door

…people with limited transport space…


CHANGE 612 mountain bikes being loaded for another adventure

…weekend riders…


A CHANGE 612 hanging out by the river.

…and weekday riders.


CHANGE 702 commuter bike, safe in the office

These photos tell us how you’re using your bike, which is super useful, so keep sending them!


Then there’s this customer feedback…


Occasionally, there’s something so much beyond this, it blows us away. Rob Tramonte, of Gunsmith Clothing, shared this video of unboxing his new CHANGE 609 mountain bike and working out on a bike for the first time in 15 years.

It was an important reminder for Flatbike that even our mountain bike customers aren’t necessarily hard-core MTB enthusiasts; sometimes they’re simply adventurous folks getting back into biking as an adult as a way to get back in shape, and looking for a fun, convenient way to do it.

Just as importantly for viewers, he describes for everyone else the experience of unboxing a CHANGE bike and getting on it shortly afterward, knowing that it’s been tuned and checked before shipment–so you can focus on simply enjoying the ride!

See you on the trails…

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