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April 3rd 2018

Whenever we demo the pop-off pedals at a bike show, people are usually blown away by the convenience. And then, about once per day, someone asks the same question: “What do you do with the pedals when you take them off?”

It’s an important question, because nobody wants to take a bike for a ride only to discover that it has no pedals!

Over the years, Changebike Co LTD, the manufacturer, has included various ways to store removed pedals with the soft bike carrying case–in a pouch, in a pocket, etc.. But still, we found ourselves leaving them in our helmets between rides. That way, we knew the pedals didn’t fall out of a pocket.

As of March, we’ve a better solution–and we’re shipping it complementary with every CHANGE bike that goes out the door…

The Flatbike seat bag is just the right size for two pedals when you’re stopped–and your wallet or phone when you’re riding.

This is no ordinary seat bag. Unlike others on the market, this bag doesn’t flop. It’s fastened securely and distraction-free to your seat as a super-convenient way to carry things in small quantities.

The design was so unusual, we needed to make it ourselves.

It even has a double zipper in case your phone–or wallet, or trail food cache–is bigger than a couple of pedals. And that’s how folks are using it. How do we know? They’re telling us!

Happy bike by the river, with expanded Flatbike bag.

The Flatbike bag is useful for any bike and will be orderable shortly from the components area of the Flatbike website.



See you on the trails!

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2 responses to “Another Flatbike advantage”

  1. Mario S. says:

    Hey that’s my bike! 🙂 I was actually planning on buying a bag and was pleasantly surprised to see this one was already attached to my new ChangeBike. I really like the double zipper design and the hard outer shell to keeps things safe. I was actually able to fit the pedals, 2 blinky lights, front brake spacer, multitool, and a snack. Thanks Bob!

    • Bob Forgrave says:

      Glad to show it, Mario. Thanks for the photo! Excited to see both the bike and the bag working out so well for you…

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