Flatbike now ships bikes worldwide

The last few months have been strange at Flatbike. First, a couple of folks asked about shipping our uniquely folding CHANGE 612 mountain bikes to Austria. No, we didn’t do that yet, but I’d look into it. We might need to expand beyond the US and Canada eventually.

Then shipment inquiry mails also came in from Australia, Brazil, Britain, Costa Rica, and Denmark–almost as if someone were systematically going through an alphabetized international listing of places we don’t ship.

We resolved to “solve” international shipping while we were still in the D’s . . . so we’d already have an answer if a Djibouti request came in.

As of June 8, 2019, we now ship worldwide with UPS, USPS, and soon DHL. UPS in most cases will be the least expensive for bikes, USPS will be the least expensive for folding stems and pop-off pedals, and DHL will be the fastest service for just about anything.

We’re still not shipping for free outside the US and Canada, but we’ve cut the cost of transportation way down to the point where ordering a full-size folding bike from Flatbike and having it shipped is a realistically an option in many parts of the world.

How to find your shipping cost at no risk before checkout


After you select a bike model, look in the Cart Totals and click Change address. Select your country from the drop-down and type in your postal code. No other info is needed.

This is where to find your shipping cost . . . under Change Address.

Then click UPDATE, not Proceed to Checkout.

Various shipping options (UPS now, and also DHL later) will be displayed.

NOTE: This is the cost of worldwide transportation only. We do not charge for or cover the costs of international taxes, VAT, or customs in any country. This is a local matter, and we clearly label the box to assist in a smooth customs process.

So how much is it to ship internationally?


We can’t list every country here–and you can find any country using the method above–so here are shipping costs in dollars to the countries we’ve mentioned:

  • Austria (Vienna): $338
  • Australia (Canberra): $387
  • Britain (London, UK): $387
  • Brazil (Brasilia): $477
  • Costa Rica (San Jose): $477
  • Denmark (Copenhagen): $338
  • Japan (Tokyo): $315
  • Mexico (Mexico City): $85

And of course, Djibouti: $541.

Not all of these are completely where we’d like them. Central and South America still seem a bit steep, although the upcoming addition of DHL as an option may help.

But ultimately, we can now ship a bike to a tiny country just north of Sudan for just a few hundred dollars–and it’s less than that that nearly everywhere else in the world. That’s a huge breakthrough, and you know what that means…

Rugged, foldable CHANGE bikes: Coming to a city near you!

Where in the world will you ride now?

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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