O Canada! Now we ship for free up north too

What do Blaine, Grand Portage, and Champlain have in common? They’re all eligible for free US shipping…and they’re gateways to Canada.

Canadian cyclists don’t necessarily announce the fact that they’re coming across the border for a bike pickup…

At a certain point, we made the connection at Flatbike. Essentially, we were already shipping for free to Canadians–but only if they lived close enough to the border to come down and pick up!

That didn’t quite seem fair, so we recently ran the numbers again, and decided to absorb the cost of shipping for any of our Canadian neighbors. After all, some of the best road and best mountain biking in North America is in Canada, with open roads and excellent cycling infrastructure in many cities. Shouldn’t everyone have a chance at exploring these with a CHANGE bike?


In fact, it wasn’t long before we started thinking about crossing the border ourselves the other direction, just to experience a part of this…

Yes, we will definitely be sharing some Canadian CHANGE bike adventures in future articles. But for now, the news is that ordering from Canada no longer has to be related to the US border.

Embrace that patriotic spirit and have CHANGE bikes sent for free to anyplace in Canada.

Anyplace in Canada? Yes, we’ll even ship for free to Newfoundland (although we have no idea how long it takes to get there from Kirkland, Washington).

Enjoy easier access to CHANGE bikes, and thanks for encouraging us to make this decision.

Where would you like to explore in Canada in a CHANGE bike?

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