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Full-Size Folding Bike: The Ultimate Solution For Cyclists


How often have you wished for a full-size bike to take on your travels, only to realize that it won’t fit in your truck or be worried about it getting stolen off the car rack? Or not having enough space in your small apartment?

Introducing the revolutionary full-size folding bike!

Where creativity and convenience collide, where space and style intersect, and where performance and portability meet.

The full-size folding bike is the ultimate solution to all your space and storage worries. With its innovative design, you get the best of both worlds – the convenience of a full-size bike and the portability of a foldable one.

No matter what kind of ride you’re looking for, there’s a folding bike that fits the bill. Whether you’re an urban commuter, a weekend adventurer, or a backpacker who needs a bike to explore the countryside, the full-size folding bicycles have the perfect ride for you. 

A full-size bike folds to a fraction of its size and can easily be stored in the car trunk, hauled onto a train, or tucked away in the corner of your home. 

How Do Full-Size Folding Bikes Work?

Full-size folding bikes are designed with the same parts as a traditional bike, but the frame includes quick-release latches that allow the frame to be folded into a compact size.

The quick-release latches are usually located on the top and bottom of the frame’s seat tube and can be easily released with a simple twist. Once the latch levers are released, the front and rear halves of the frame can be folded together and secured. Folding bikes also have removable components, like pop-off pedals and folding stems, to reduce their size when not used.

This folding process cuts the length of the bike in half, takes only about 30 seconds, and can be done with minimal effort. Unlike traditional folding bike latches, these latches do not put strain on a single point to keep the bike from folding; Instead, these latches move part of the bike up and down, and the frame ruggedly holds itself in the riding position. 

The Changebike Difference!

Unlike most folding bikes, which use small “circus-style” wheels and frames to reduce their size while compromising on performance, the CHANGE line of full-size folding bikes from Changebike, Ltd is created with performance-driven philosophy and patented folding frame technology.

These foldable bikes have the same wheel size and frame geometry as a traditional bike, so you don’t have to sacrifice the speed or stability of the wheels.

The wheels used on CHANGE bikes are the standard full-size wheels used on millions of bikes worldwide, making them no different than a regular bike.

The folding technology makes it possible to keep the frame lightweight with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction while providing a secure and rigid ride.

Furthermore, it is the only folding bike that has passed the ISO 4210 MTB frame test, the highest standard for mountain bike frames.

Next time you’re looking to take your bike on the go without the hassle of lugging around a full-size bike or worrying about storage space, Changebike is here to make that ride DIFFERENT!

Let Your Portable Adventures Unfold

Whether you’re looking for an adventure-ready MTB bike, a lightweight commuter bike, or a hybrid gravel bike, there are a range of full-size folding bike models to choose from.

Certified for ruggedness and durability, these best folding bikes from Changebike are engineered for strength, performance, and comfort.

Changebike 812 Off-road MTB 

Perfect for tackling steep muddy trails, rough terrain, and gravel roads with ease.


For individuals devoted to mountain biking who need a portable folding bike, this mountain bike has all the essentials. With a Shimano 20-speed groupset and a powerful 0.6 gear ratio, the 812 off-road MTB is designed to get you through the toughest trails and climbs. 

FOX Performance FIT4 suspension fork provides added stability and control on rocky and bumpy trails, while the 27.5-inch Mavic Crossride wheelset gives you the speed you crave. This lightweight ISO 4210-certified frame is patented for its folding technology, making it the best folding bike for any outdoor excursion.

Not to mention, the removable Wellgo quick-release pedals and rotatable folding stem make the bike even more portable to fit in tight spaces.

If you’re looking for an adventure-ready lightweight folding bike, this is it.

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Changebike 811 Rugged Hybrid

Perfect bike for long-distance commuters, rough roads, and gravel paths.

The 811 from Changebike is the lightest and most portable hybrid folding bike. Whether you are commuting to work or going out for a weekend ride, the 811 is faultless for any kind of journey. Made with a double-butted, aerospace-grade 7005 aluminum alloy frame, this folding bike weighs in at only 26 lbs (11.7kg). The rigid carbon-monocoque fork is designed to absorb bumps and vibrations along the way. The bike has a total of 27 speeds, thanks to the Shimano Alivio shifters (3×9 speeds) and the 11-36T cassette. The AVID levers with Tectro Aries disc brakes provide superior stopping power and control in all conditions.

The 811 is designed to tackle any speed bumps and rough terrain and comes with a pair of 27.5″ tires that provide excellent grip and traction. 

If you prefer flat bars without much bending over and while being convenient to stow away in tight spaces, the 811 rugged hybrid is the way to go.

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Changebike 809 Street MTB

Perfect for cruising the streets and hitting dirt paths.

The 809 Street MTB is an excellent combination of a rugged mountain bike and a lightweight urban bike. It combines features from both road bikes and mountain bikes to provide a comfortable and durable ride. It has shock-absorbing high-traction road tires and wide-ranging 3×9 gearing, as well as front shocks for impact-deadening suspension. However, it does not have the more expensive components found on the CHANGE 812 off-road MTB, such as Mavic wheels or hydraulic brakes.

The CHANGE 809 features a foldable, lightweight, and extremely solid aluminum frame with updated geometry for improved handling. The internal cabling system is designed to reduce the risk of cable snags and provide a clean look. 

The bike is suitable for all rider weights and makes an excellent addition to an RV, truck, or boat for adding adventure to travels.

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The CHANGE line of full-size folding bikes is available in multiple-size frames, including small (17″), medium (19″), and large (21″) frames to accommodate different rider heights. It also comes in three frame colors: matte black, pine green, and arctic blue, allowing you to customize your bike to your own style. You can choose MTB, SPD, or flat pop-off pedals depending on your preferred riding style. To protect your bike during transportation, a durable vinyl soft bag is included with each purchase.

No matter if you’re a city dweller, suburbanite, or adventurer, a full-sized bike from Changebike is for those who lack space, wish to avoid a bike rack, or just want to ride in style.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience and Shop for CHANGE bikes

Say goodbye to your standard folding bike and get ready to experience the ultimate ride with Changebike. Ride with confidence, safety, and style on our latest offerings. In North America, Changebike representation is handled by Flatbike, Inc—including answering buyer questions, 16-point quality checks on all new bikes, and free shipping in the US and Canada.

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