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First, it's a ruggedness-certified, aluminum hardtail bike designed for technical terrain, featuring a FOX Performance 32 fork, 27.5" wheels and Shimano Deore componentry. 
And then the real magic begins...

Sample Feedback from Other Flatbike customers
This is my second Change bike - I also have the 702 commuter.  I wanted this one because I wanted something a little more rugged for my fall/winter morning commute (I go through a linear rails to trails park that is covered with wet leaves and fall debris) and more casual for weekends.  This is also a great bike - super sturdy, good off-road and on pavement, and great gears.  Then it folds up nicely, rolls to the metro, and comes home (and I get a bunch of excited comments on the bike in the meanwhile).  Flatbike’s customer service is fantastic, as ever.             
Elizabeth M.

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Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes

The CHANGE 812 hardtail is ISO 4210-certified to international MTB ruggedness standards, proving it capable of demanding use.

Is your bike safe during your post-ride meal? Always. Fit your folding hardtail into any car trunk for security. Even apartment owners can mountain bike!

Remote airfields are now more accessible than ever. Put two bikes where one used to fit and share the adventure with someone special. 

The rugged, fold-away, performance MTB hardtail.

Enjoy Adventure Without Compromise.

Designed for awesome trail use. And then it folds away in moments!

The CHANGE 812 MTB is available 
for $1,780 with free shipping to US and Canada. There are also a couple of clearance bikes left in the previous, 26" wheel size (Change 612).

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38/24T Shimano Deore Crank
Pop-off pedals in MTB or SPD 
Folding frame in Arctic 
Blue or Pine Green

FOX air
Split seat 
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A level of service rarely seen in today's market.  They exceed any normal level of expectations.             
Ron R.

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Shimano HG500 11-42T cassette

Mavic Crossride 27.5" wheels

Sheathed internal cabling

Deore M6000 10S rear derailleur

Excellent and prompt service from Bob Forgrave and his team!  Very satisfied with the bike fit I got and would recommend Changebikes from Flatbike.com to anyone looking for sturdy folding bikes that don´t sacrifice strength for foldability.  They even answered a question about a part of the bike I thought was a dent but was actually a design feature to allow for larger wheels.  Thanks, y´all!             
Jesse T.
Made a trip to Kirkland to check out size difference between 17 and 19 because I was right in the middle of the size chart.  Ended up being a great experience.  My husband bought the 21'" 811 and I bought the 19".   Bob was super knowledgeable and friendly.  Definitely customer service oriented.  We plan on taking our bikes on our sailboat for easy island touring. Can't wait to take them on our first trip.          
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