And we have a winner!

Two of them, actually.

A big Thank You to the folks who participated in our first Instagram contest, where we encouraged people to share photos that captured either the challenges they face from not having a full-size bike that folds away for safe-keeping or what they’d gain from one.

Quarterfinal winning submissions ran the gamut from an empty space left by a stolen bike, to a small student space for the right folding bike, to an outdoor-only bike that would be great to replace with something more functional…

…but the overall winner (with 87 votes) was an experienced folding bike owner who captured the feeling of knowing your investment in free transportation and healthy exercise is safe and secure in New York City:

As the public vote leader for his submitted image, Yosef Mendelsberg won a free CHANGE 702 commuter bike, which shipped out to NYC in the Christmas flurry of activity.

What attraction does a CHANGE Bike have for an existing folding bike owner? You can do stuff with it. We’ve heard about a recent CHANGE Bike owner who added 27.5″ wheels to his mountain bike; Yosef is excited about adding drop handle bars to his new CHANGE Bike, making even more use of those 24 gears that separate this riding experience from any other.

This is possible because the internationally patented CHANGE Bike frame uses a standard triangle frame and standard components, leading to a huge amount of flexibility in what you do with the bike. We’ll keep you posted on his experiences!

Another winner!

In second place, Andrew Mercadante won a bike flattening kit from FlatBike, consisting of folding stem and pop-off pedals. While this might not seem as sexy as winning a $1,000+ bike, it allows him to take any bike and make it fit in a much narrower spot. Like I do:

Folding your Bike Flat
Folding your bike flat: so simple, yet so useful.

Yes, my bike shown here is another CHANGE Bike, but it doesn’t have to be. Any bike with a mountain bike handlebar shrinks down to 1/3 the width, and any bike with drop handlebars, like my 1980’s Trek road bike, shrinks down to 1/2 the width. I keep it behind the same door (but not at the same time).

Even more winners…

We also had quite a few address submissions for free CHANGE Bike stickers from those who voted. The stickers haven’t shipped yet, but will soon. If you want one and aren’t on the list, now’s the time to visit the contact form and share your address. Questions about bikes or components aren’t required, but that’s a convenient time to ask them…

…and if you didn’t win…

Maybe you had your heart set on this but didn’t win the contest. Or you were certain those Christmas hints about how AWESOMELY a bike like this would fit in your dorm room would result in a CHANGE Bike under the tree. No worries. You can still flatten your existing bike with a bike flattening kit (folding stem plus pop-off pedals) or buy a CHANGE Bike of your own and have it arrive within ten days. Win!

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