Installing and using pop-off pedals

If you’ve ordered a CHANGE bike, you’re about to get pop-off pedals, which come standard with all CHANGE bike models. The latches will already be installed on the bike, while the pedals are stored in the complimentary Flatbike seat bag.

As you unfold your new bike, you’ll be installing pop-off pedals for the first time. It takes just five seconds in the videos; how difficult can it be?

Well… easy enough to install in five seconds, once you know exactly what to do with your thumb. It’s worth spending 90 seconds on a good overview of pop-off pedals.

Basic facts about pop-off pedals.

At Flatbike, we’ve experimented with two different types. Both have a hollow latch that threads onto the pedal crank with standard threading–right threaded on the right side crank, and reverse threaded on the left. (This is important only if you are installing pop-off pedals–and their latches–on your own bike).

But while one type of pop-off pedal has a round center shaft, the other has a hexagonal shaft. Eventually, the hexagonal shaft pedal became an interchangeable  family of pedals (platform, SPD, MTB), making it more valuable, and we put our round-shaft pedals on the clearance shelf.

So knowing how to fit a hexagonal shaft quickly into a hexagonal skill is an important skill. Once you’ve got your thumb placement down, it’s a snap. Literally.

New developments in pop-off pedals

OK, pop-off pedals themselves are a new development, but there’s something even newer. SPD pop-off pedals come with a second-generation latch that has no protruding part that can catch on shoes.

The second-generation latch takes a couple of seconds more to release, but especially if you right tight to the bike, this can keep your tread from grinding.

Here we show how the latch works, and the lock that keeps it from unlatching when in use.

All CHANGE bikes continue to come with the original pop-off pedal latches, but long-term, we are searching the world for a large-volume source of second-generation latches.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few new latches available for anyone who has a problem with the originals, I’m still using my original latches successfully after two years, and you know how to install your pop-off pedals when your new bike arrives. Excellent!

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.




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