Free bike pump offer, January only

So you didn’t get an awesome new CHANGE Bike for Christmas. Now what?  Now the deal gets even better!

Sooner or later, it happens with every bike owner. It’s a gorgeous day, you’re excited about getting on the bike for a ride or an errand made more fun—and your tires are low, with the bike pump stored…someplace important, wherever that is. So you hop in the car, bummed out. No riding today.

FREE Topeak Mini Morph bike pump with every CHANGE Bike purchase in January 2017 (Offer ends Jan 31).


This pump is the perfect mate for a CHANGE Bike. Like the CHANGE Bike–and all folding bikes–it folds down and fits in useful places. (You can’t fit this pump on a typical folding bike, though, because they don’t use standard sized frames.)

Like a CHANGE Bike, a Mini Morph pump also changes into something bigger. Flip out the two ends, and it becomes a stand-up pump for easier use with lots of pumping, so your tire fill-up doesn’t leave you with tired arms. (It’s not quite the full-size experience of an unfolded CHANGE bike, but it’s still pretty impressive….)

But the magic doesn’t end there.

It even morphs two ways.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of this pump is that it also morphs between Presta and Schrader. This is like having a multi-function screwdriver, so you no longer have to care about what’s out there. Just pump up your tire and go enjoy a bike ride.

For those who have not experienced it, this distinction is like the Regular/Phillips distinction of the screwdriver world. If you need one type of pump and have only the other, you’re going nowhere.

Even CHANGE Bikes have different standards, with the ruggedness-focused mountain bikes having Presta and the lightness-focused  commuter bikes having Presta. We’ve included adapters for free in all CHANGE 702 bike shipments and will keep doing so, but if you order in January, you won’t care. You’ll have a Topeak Mini Morph bike pump that can pump up anything. Convenient cycling!

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