Wild Wednesday: The cutting edge of biking


September 27th 2017

Years ago, lawnmowerbob.com was an active website, celebrating all things mower-related. It’s since passed into the Internet’s great bit boneyard, but one of its legacies is this focused exercise in creative invention.

Bikes with mowers: The reel deal

First, there was the original invention. If you combine a bike with a push mower, you can mow faster and have more time for bike riding (on a different bike).

Except of course, it’s not a bike, but a tricycle. No problem. We’ll fix that in execution…

It looks efficient, spewing cut grass and all that, but there’s still a basic underlying physics question that hasn’t been investigated…

Is it still a push mower if you’re pulling it?

Maybe for this reason, all of the top mower bikes sport a classy front-wheel conversion.

The duck-billed platypus: One another up front, another in the back. Kind of connected.


The workhorse: Painted in John Deere colors, but with a light to help you mow long into the evening.


The speed bunny: Geared high to help you sprint through lawn mowing so you can get back on your other bike.


The redneck: Technically, this should be rusting in an unmowed lawn, but… it’s a lawn mower.


The Harley hopper: This bike mod goes well with sleeveless shirts and long hair, and also includes on-the-fly adjustable front suspension. Flexible mowing height?


The gold standard: Not that it’s got a better feature set. There’s just a lot of gold…


And that…is life on the cutting edge. Who knew mowing a lawn could be such an out-there activity?

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