2019 Fall “Extra trimmings” Sale

The CHANGE 611 rugged hybrid and the CHANGE 612 MTB are two of our most popular bikes. We’re down to just over a dozen left.

So in recognition of all those folks who sent us photos of how they customized their bikes with extra goodies over the past two years, we’ve got a special “extra trimmings” offer of FREE add-ons in November and December, while supplies last. Specifically:

  • CHANGE 611: Carbon fiber bottle holder, Mini Morph tire pump, axle-mounted kickstand = $92 in freebies.
  • CHANGE 612: Carbon fiber bottle holder, Mini Morph tire pump, Tannus Armour inserts = $142 in freebies.
Loaded up and ready for action. Is this next bike yours?

Best of all, you don’t need any special codes, mail-in rebates, or even special notes to make this happen. Just be among the next 12 orders for either of these two bikes, and your bike arrives for the holidays with extra trimmings.

Happy riding!