Pop-off SPD pedals have arrived!

18 months after we set out on a mission to find these, by popular request, they finally arrived in our shop on May 22.

Why the demand? Now you can switch back and forth between clips and flats in seconds, for those times when you want to hop on your bike (or lend it to a family member) but don’t want to mess with cycling shoes.

To get this flexibility, you’ll need other pop-off pedals as well. Flats come with any CHANGE bike. If you’re ordering just pedals, and getting more than one set, you can get a 10% discount at checkout with the code PEDS10.

Free puncture-resistant tire upgrade on the CHANGE 702

For many folks, the CHANGE 702 is the perfect commuting bike. It’s lightweight (23 lbs), has 24 speeds, and even latches instantly into the folded position–the other CHANGE models use a strap. But will the 25mm tires hold up on my streets?

Message received. So we ordered 10 sets of 28mm Continental Gatorskin tires, with 3-ply protection against punctures, cuts and abrasion. The next 10 customers to order the CHANGE 702 commuter bike automatically get a free upgrade–a $78 value!

While supplies last.

Do we sell CHANGE 702 commuter bike kickstands?

Yes and no. We always have them in stock. But we don’t sell them. Because the CHANGE 702 kickstand performs the additional function of latching the bike conveniently when folded, we consider it a standard part of the bike, and ship it by default unless you ask us not to.

On bikes with an MTB frame (CHANGE 609, 611, and 612), this latching does not happen, so the kickstand is an add-on for those models.