Save $200 on a demo bike

CHANGE demo bikes spend a lot of time traveling to and from shows, whether by UPS or bouncing around in a Toyota 4Runner (we can fit 5 of them, plus a pop-up canopy, inside).

Eventually, after enough scuffs and minor scratches, they don’t look completely new, and we need to replace them. But how to sell them? Remember, every bike on the road is a used bike…

Current demo bikes available:

Before shipping, we do the same 14-point quality check on these as with our brand new bikes, minus the “check for scuffs” line item.

At ordering, just use this code to get this bike and $200 off the listed price: DEMOBIKE.

Flat-resistant tires on the CHANGE 702

The CHANGE 702 is the perfect commuting and campus bike. It’s lightweight (23 lbs), has 24 speeds, and even latches instantly into the folded position–the other CHANGE models use a strap.

But some customers wondered about unimproved streets. So we ordered 28mm Continental Gatorskin tires, with 3-ply protection against punctures, cuts and abrasion–a $78 value. This upgrade happens automatically with every new CHANGE 702 until SEPTEMBER 31, 2018.

Buy two bikes and save

Our Valentine’s Day special was so popular, we’ve extended it to the end of 2018– a $150 total discount when you buy CHANGE bikes by the pair! Bikes do not have to be the same model.

At ordering, just use this code: COUPLE150.