Do we sell CHANGE 702 commuter bike kickstands?

Yes and no. We always have them in stock. But we don’t sell them. Because the CHANGE 702 kickstand performs the additional function of latching the bike conveniently when folded, we consider it a standard part of the bike, and ship it by default unless you ask us not to.

On bikes with an MTB frame (CHANGE 609, 611, and 612), this latching does not happen, so the kickstand is an add-on for those models.

Extended east coast trip: See us at 2018 Bike Expo NY

We’re returning to Bike Expo NY this year. It’s still a hefty commute from the Seattle area, so this year we’re also adding the Five Boro Bike Tour and two other multi-day east coast events.

That means two things for you. If you’re in the NYC area anyway, come see us at Pier 12, May 4th or 5th!

If you’re not, and you’re considering ordering, be aware that we’ll be out of the office from April 26 – May 7. You can still order then, and we might even be accessible by phone or e-mail for questions, but we can’t deliver our usual fast shipping turnaround until we’re actually in the shipping office!

APRIL NEWS: We have hard cases!

Prompted by customers, we went on a search for the perfectly rugged, convenient hard case for air travel, and we found it. In fact, five of them arrived today, and we’ve got them in stock. Expect them to be orderable on the Flatbike website within a day.

Now THAT’S rugged!