See you in NYC May 5-6!

A couple of months ago, (“For forward looking municipal leaders”) recently ranked the 10 Most Bike Friendly Cities in the US. A big surprise on the list for many, but not locals, was #4, New York City.

NYC has 250 miles of dedicated bike paths, 200,000 residents who cycle to work every day, and half a million who bike to work at least twice a month.

It also has the most-attended consumer bike show in America, Bike Expo New York, with over 60,000 attendees. There’s no way we were going to miss that!

If you’ve never been to a bike expo, it’s an amazing experience, and BENY puts on a good show, with something for everyone.

Imagine over 100 cycling vendors all in one place at a free event…
For kids, there are learn-to-bike and bike safety sessions.
For adults, there are bike familiarity classes, accessories, hop-on-a-bike interactive sessions, and all sorts of fun activities.
It’s a place where posing for selfies might involve matching professional race outfits, a dismembered bike, and someone (the head of the steering committee?) using handlebars as bunny ears. Because…why not?

Part of a much bigger movement.

Spend some time on the Bike Expo NY website, and it’s clear that this massive bike show is just part of a citywide, year-round network of volunteers and businesses united by a desire to make cycling safe, convenient, and fun for all. From major city events to local community rides and classes, Bike New York is the reason NYC has vaulted to fourth place in the top 10 US cycling cities.

At Flatbike, we see ourselves as part of the same movement. If there’s anyplace where space is at a premium, where a bike needs to be both fun to ride during the day and folded up securely inside at night, it’s New York City. So look for us at BENY in Booth 617.

Booth 617 will look like this, except surrounded by CLIF bar displays. So…we apparently have food, too.

How to get there.

BENY is free, and from 10AM-6PM at Pier 36, Basketball City (299 South Street Manhattan); the convention center is literally right on the pier.

Being in Manhattan, every method of transportation is available and convenient–except maybe cars.

May we suggest this popular NYC transportation?

See you at Booth 617!

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