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    Discover The Little-Known Tricks And Strategies Of Dozens Of Experienced Riders

    Now, you can learn from their mistakes (and successes) to make your trips a lot easier and breathtaking… even when things don’t go as planned.

    Inside this handbook you’ll discover:

    How to safely

    How to safely explore your city without worrying about cars


    A little-known website that gives you vetted, pre-planned routes across the United States

    Perfect For Riding On And Off The Road

    Self-contained vs supper trips (and which ones are best for total beginners)

    The pros and cons

    The pros and cons of urban and natural cycling adventures

    Compact Size When Folded

    How and when to combine your routes with trains and buses so you can explore further

    Bike Destination

    A best practice that will make sure you always enjoy your bike adventures (even when things go wrong)

    The six fundamental items

    The six fundamental items you must carry with you no matter what kind of trip you're going on

    And much more

    And much more…

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    At Flatbike, we believe in the joy of exploring life on two wheels. That’s why we created the CHANGE line of full-size folding bikes that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, whether you’re a commuter, an off-road adventure lover, or something in-between.

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    Without having to worry about how to keep your bike safe or how you will transport it to your next great destination.

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