The wait is over: New 27.5″ bikes now orderable

At Flatbike, we don’t collect money until we know when you’ll get your bike. And now we do. On June 26, the first manufacturer’s shipment of 27.5″ bikes will arrive at Flatbike, start getting prepped, and get sent to customers. So we’re finally open for orders.

What’s new?

New colors and internal cabling are popular features.

These bikes are updated versions of the popular CHANGE 611 folding rugged hybrid (26″) and CHANGE 612 folding mountain bike (26″). Briefly, here’s what’s different in the CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid (27.5″) and CHANGE 812 folding mountain bike (27.5″):

  1. NEW COLORS: No longer just black, we also offer Arctic Blue and Pine Green. We don’t yet have photos of each bike in each color, but each is orderable. We will add photos after the first bikes arrive.
  2. LARGER WHEELS: Some Flatbike customers have already upgraded their 26″ wheels to 27.5″ as an aftermarket change. These frames allow enough clearance for fenders.
  3. INTERNAL CABLING: The new frames have internal cabling on the downtube. This can make a difference when you frequently pick up your bike.
  4. NEW TESTING STANDARD: OK, this doesn’t really make any difference, but these bikes are certified to the latest (2015) global safety testing standard for mountain bikes. The older bieks were already that strong, but certified under EN-14766.
  5. NEW PEDALS: The Changebike site doesn’t show this, but all bikes we ship will automatically include the second-generation pop-off pedals.
  6. GEARING: For the CHANGE 812, anyway. This folding mountain bike gearing is updated from 3 x 10 Deore (11-36 cassette, 42/32/24 crank) to 2 x 10 Deore (11-42 cassette, 38/24 crank).
Second-generation pop-off pedals. Now standard on all 27.5″ bikes.

The first shipment of the new models has only 27 bikes, spread across 20 different size/model/color combinations. We made educated guesses about which options might be most popular, but realistically, we’re going to be in short supply for a while in some combinations. (The CHANGE 809 is already nearly out). We’re counting on you to guide us on where to make investments in future purchasing.

Can I still get bikes in 26″ wheels?


Yes, while current supply lasts, and possibly after that. There are several reasons why you might want to stick with 26″ wheels:

  • SAVINGS. If the upgrade points are just “meh” to you, then use that to your advantage. Save a couple of hundred dollars on a bike that lots of Flatbike customers are already using happily as their favorite bike.
  • SIZE. We are using the manufacturer’s stated weights until we get our own measurements, but we expect a pound or two of difference. If one pound, or one inch of a dimension, makes a significant difference in your ability to fit your bike in tight spaces, such as a very small private plane, then the bikes with 26″ wheels might be best for you.
  • SUPPLIES. Internationally, 27.5″ wheels may not be as developed a standard as 26″ wheels everywhere. You may find that the smaller size is more compatible with the market in your area, especially now that Flatbike is shipping around the world.
  • SPRINTING. Maybe this should be “agility”. The point is, a smaller wheel can be faster than a larger one at navigating twisty singletrack through the woods.
A great day on a CHANGE 612, with 26″ wheels.

All these choices… What bike is right for you? If you need  to discuss it, just give us a call.

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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