Dibs! Now accepting frame orders (road & mountain)


April 25th 2017

As of April 25, we’ve turned on the ordering for the CHANGE 633 mountain bike frames and CHANGE 733 road bike frames. These bikes aren’t in our warehouse yet, but we’ve gotten some “Dibs!” calls already from people who want to reserve specific sizes; opening up ordering makes those requests real just before the bikes arrive.

Why build your own bike from the frame up? There are really only two reasons:

  1. You know exactly what you want for each component, starting with a unique folding frame.
  2. You’ve got the skills to do it. So why not?

Case in point, GB. We exchanged some e-mails last week about his well-traveled bike below that he built himself…

“I went more than 9,000 km and months with the bike in Sardegna, Thailand, Laos, Portugal and Cuba without any mechanical problem.”

At first, I thought he bought a CHANGE frame so he could add a fork that supports a front rack–our complete MTB bikes don’t have front rack attach points–but no, he doesn’t have a front rack. “It’s not a problem to add a front rack; it’s just a matter of the fork you use. There are plenty of them. For me it’s a choice. I just don’t want a lot of weight in front, and I use cages with small bags.”
Was it the folding? How often did he fold it? “I never had to fold the bike because I was always on it, and as soon as you are loaded, it becomes less easy to take all the stuff away and fold it.”
So it’s really about this…

“Just imagine being in the middle of nowhere with a broken part that you can’t repair, and somebody with a small car is ready to bring you to the next town.” If your bike fits…

To answer some common rack questions, yes you can add a rear rack (633 requires a custom rack; 733 takes off-the-shelf). And you can add a front rack too, but the 633 will require a carefully selected fork.

Here are a couple of CHANGE bikes loaded up with front racks. Anyone know what model of forks those are, or know of forks with good front rack mounts?

Between the 633 and 733, we’ve got 17 frames in most sizes arriving on May 9.  Want to make sure one is yours? Now’s the time to order!

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