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March 18th 2022

Bob Forgrave

One of the few true standards on a bike is the threading on your pedals. That means you can easily swap out what you have for quick-removable pedals. But why?

Anytime your pedals get in the way, that problem can disappear in seconds:

  • Fit any bikes close to each other without scraping the paint off.
  • Fit your bike into your car without snagging the seats and carpet.
  • Keep your shins from getting scraped when walking your bike.
  • Theft-protect your bike against opportunistic ride-offs.
  • Fold even a folding bike smaller (Why does a Brompton have only one folding pedal, anyway?)

What are pop-off pedals?

Pop-off pedals are designed to be as rugged as a regular pedal, but far more convenient than a folding pedal. The entire pedal can be removed in seconds.

Pope-off pedals are available in two types of latches: First-generation (pull-out) and second-generation (click and lock). Matching pedals are interchangeable between latch types.

To open a first-generation latch, pull out on the red handle. To open a second-generation latch, push in on the indented button.


To make it simple to understand pop-off pedals, we created four super-quick learning videos.

1. Why get pop-off pedals?

Simply swapping out your pedals allows more flexibility in riding, storing your bike, getting your bike into a car… even walking your bike. See how.


2. How to use pop-off pedals.

Pop-off pedals attach with a latch and a lock. It’s fast… and critical to understand. See how the latch and lock work together to keep pedals on.

NOTE: There are two types of latches. Quick-Release Type 1 has just a pull-out latch. Type 2 has a latch and a locking ring. This video describes Type 2.


3. How to install your pedals.

One quick note before you start…  The left pedal on any bike, or in this case the latch for the left side, is left-threaded. That’s counterclockwise (or anti-clockwise in Australia or the UK).

1st generation pedals have L and R. But 2nd generation pedals have a ring for the left pedal.

Once you know the goal and have the right wrench, installation is a snap. Here, we do it in 90 seconds.

Done Looking. Now I’ll buy some.

Installed. Now I need a THINstem.


4. Troubleshooting tips.

Already have a set of pop-off pedals? Problems clicking in or out? Here’s the easy answer. Most likely, it has to do with the difference between latching and locking…

And with those quick lessons, you’re on your way to many happy miles–and lots of convenient storing–on your bike with pop-off pedals.

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Bob Forgrave is president of Flatbike, an
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