City transportation just got easier

Put your bike on a space diet.

Picture the perfect city bike. It’s full-size and light weight, with 24 speeds to conquer city streets and challenge even the steepest hills. You can secure both wheels and the frame with a single U-bolt lock. Better yet… you don’t have to store it outside, because it folds in half easily to fit in your office or apartment. Sweet!

Storing a bike in the hallway is crazy! Or it used to be. Now it’s crazy smart, because you just grab it on your way out the door.

It’s the answer to the apartment owner’s dilemma.

Bike in the way? It’s no surprise. Generally, a bike takes up a 3′ x 5′ rectangle of floor space. That’s valuable square footage you could otherwise use for important other considerations like moving around your apartment, using your furniture, and enjoying your home without feeling cramped.

Bike in the Way
But the problem goes even deeper than that. Bikes that are in the way eventually get moved out of the way to into inconvenient or forgettable places. And suddenly, the main reason you bought a bike in the first place—Transportation? Recreation? Exercise?—is no longer relevant, because it simply isn’t happening.

Bike in the Way

The CHANGE bike changes everything.

Unlike other folding bikes, a CHANGE bike is optimized for the riding experience, with a lightweight aluminum frame in any of four sizes to fit you. It’s available in commuter or mountain bike models, with Shimano gearing of 24 or more speeds to handle any hill.

CHANGE Bike OpenCHANGE Bike Closed

Unlike a ″standard″ bike, a CHANGE bike folds down to a svelte 35″ x 30″ x 14″ in under a minute, combining standard full-size quick-release wheels with an internationally patented frame lock and “pop-off” pedals.

Suddenly, these uses are now practical:

Bike in the Living Room

Bike in the living room

If you live in a studio apartment, this is already a multi-purpose room. You just added another useful purpose.

Bike in the closet

Actually, that’s four bikes. Four riders’ full-size bikes in one hotel closet. How much room do you need?

Bike in the office

And the elevator wasn’t a problem either. How cool is that?


So how exactly does this bike bend in half?

Here it is, step-by-step, in a leisurely 37 seconds.

Time for a CHANGE?

CHANGE bikes are available in hybrid commuter bike, hardtail mountain bike, and rugged hybrid—all with FREE shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime frame warranty from Flatbike, the US reseller for CHANGE bikes.

Which CHANGE bike is right for you?

Still not convinced? See how CHANGE bikes are the only folding bikes in the world that are certified rugged.