Wellgo pop-off flat pedals (1st generation latch)

Flatbike Guarantee

Folding pedals are so yesterday. Quick-removing Wellgo pedals come off in seconds without any tools, so you can fit your bike in less space for storage or transportation. (Set of two pedals).

These first-generation pedals have a pull-out red latch for securing your pedals as you ride. The second-generation pedals later replaced this latch with a round one. Some people prefer one type, some the other. But here’s the cool thing—they’re fully interchangeable, between generations and across different pedal types. So there are really no wrong answers here.

SPECIAL: Also, while supplies last, we’ll include a FREE second latch set (latches only) for anyone who wants one. At the end of your order, just type SECOND into the comment box, and we’ll make sure you can use your pop-off pedals across two bikes; after all, you can ride only one at a time, with the other securely tucked out of the way.

NOTE: For even more space-saving, pair with a THINstem folding stem.



  1. Results in a narrower bike footprint than with regular or even folding pedals.
  2. Saves your shins from scraping when you are walking your bike.
  3. When used with a folding stem, allows for more bikes carried on a bike rack.
  4. Allows use of toe straps for more efficient cycling.


MATERIAL: 3D forged steel shaft, aluminum alloy

WEIGHT: 325 g total, set of two


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