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On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 6:10 PM Bob Forgrave <bob.forgrave@flatbike.com> wrote:

Ryan, after investigating this, I think it’s more responsible to commit to a chain-driven one-speed with these specs:

  • CHANGE folding MTB frame – need to figure out what size
  • 700c Shimano wheels with 38mm road-optimized smooth tires
  • Cloud 9 comfort seat
  • Raised bars – either below or Alta bars (same shape but 1.25″ in center)
  • Folding THINstem
  • 42 crank, 16 rear cog, for 2.6 gear ratio

Total would be $1480, including free shipping.

Subsequent modifications and clarifications:

  • APO shipping
  • 19″ CHANGE 833 frame, matte black
  • Two seats: Cloud 9 plus other, smaller seat
  • 1/2″ extra axle on rear for side-mounting trailer on left side
  • Chain tensioner for 1-speed
  • Titanium bolts on front brake mounts
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Pop-off flat pedals (usual seat bag for pedals won’t mount with these seat choices)
  • Canvas carrying bag

Attached photos show most of the unassembled bike components, missing only the pedals, axles, bottom bracket, and carry bag. (We have them; They just didn’t get photographed)

SCHEDULING NOTE: Assembly and shipping is expected to be relatively fast—before a planned trip April 23—but is also subject to surprises from a first-time assembly of this unique combination. For example, a slight difference in the thickness of teeth on a cog, or the number of spacer rings in a single-speed conversion kit, can trigger a tweaked reorder delay at this end to fine-tune that component. Other than that, we’re in familiar territory.

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