Demo bike as described below



Flatbike Guarantee

This is a new 19″ 811 bike, with several unique characteristics that make it a demo bike:

  • 26″ wheels (from our prior model) instead of the standard 27.5″ wheels.
  • Scratches on the down tube as previously noted.
  • Scratch (noted and painted over) on the left handlebar

Standover height of 29 inches.

Scratches are the result of improper return shipping by a local bike shop when the customer wanted a larger frame size. After return, Flatbike did a full tune-up on the entire bike. This is a $1,780 bike new. It is still a new 27-speed bike, and freshly tuned, but–because of scratches and the different wheels–I am cutting the price to $850.

Includes a free kickstand.

Once you receive the bike, if the size isn’t right or you just don’t like it, you can return it at Flatbike expense. There really is no risk here.

Shipping is free.