For use with commercial planes




If you’re transporting your CHANGE bike by car, bus, train, or private plane, the included soft case works just fine. If you’re shipping domestically by Bikeflights, the original pasteboard box works. But if you’re moving your bike by commercial air, especially internationally, you’re going to want something a bit more abuse-proof. A hard case. This is it.

The Foldon Box M hard case is approximately the same size as the pasteboard box your bike arrives in–about an inch shorter in length, an inch wider, but overall the same general size. But it has three big advantages over the original box:

  1. Ruggedness. It’s made of rugged ABS plastic and polypropylene. It can even be locked with a TSA lock.
  2. Convenience. Once you’re done, it folds into itself to fit conveniently out of the way.
  3. It has built-in padding, so you don’t need all the frame foam that comes with your CHANGE bike.

Now that you can travel more easily, what will you explore with your CHANGE bike?


  1. Ship your bike anywhere, knowing that it is secure against weight and impact.
  2. Move your bike conveniently through airports on its own wheels (use it as a cart!)
  3. When you’re done, quickly fold it down to a convenient 6 1/2 inches high.
  4. Fits all sizes of all models of CHANGE bike.


INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 32.1 x 28.7 x 16.3 inches

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 34 x 32.7 x 18 inches

WEIGHT: 15 lbs

FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 34 x 6.5 x 18 inches