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Mini-MTB Pop-off pedals


Flatbike Guarantee

THESE PEDALS ARE NOW DISCONTINUED. If you prefer small pedals, consider the pop-off flat pedals (same size, different direction). If you prefer MTB-size or cleats, consider the pop-off MTB pedals.

These are the shape of full-size MTB pedals, with the same cleats that grab a slippery shoe sole for ideal traction. But they are smaller (2.75″ x 3.0″), 60 grams less (if you’re concerned about weight), fit in a pocket easier (if you’re concerned about portability), come in three colors (if you’re making a fashion statement), and are slotted for toe straps if you use those. Color is RED.

And they’re pop-off pedals, which helps solve a common problem…

Pedals get in the way more than anything else, except possibly handlebars (got a THINstem?). These quick-removing pedals come off in seconds without any tools, so you can fit your bike in less space for storage or transportation. They have second-generation quick-release latches, with both a push latch (the dot) and a black ring slides over a washer to lock the latch in place.

All pop-off pedals fit with all bike cranks.

If you’re buying a bike from Flatbike…  your bike already comes with one set of pop-off pedals as standard equipment. The newest bikes (CHANGE 809, 811, 812, and Flatbike Century) come standard with 2nd generation flat pedals.

If you would like to switch your default pedal to something else–from flats to SPD–then just make a note during your order. No extra cost.

If you want a second set, such as one set for around-town riding and one for trails, just add it to your bike order. All of our pop-off pedals use the same system. Order another set, you’ll have two sets of latches too, so you can outfit two bikes with the same pedal-swapping.


  1. Results in a narrower bike footprint than with regular or even folding pedals.
  2. Saves your shins from scraping when you are walking your bike.
  3. When used with a folding stem, allows for more bikes carried on a bike rack.
  4. More cleats than the flat pedals, for better grip when wet or muddy.


MATERIAL: 3D forged steel shaft, aluminum alloy


  • SIZE: 2.75″ x 3.0″ pedal area
  • WEIGHT: 366 g

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