Rear-Mounted Kickstand



  • 1 rear-mounted kickstand


  1. Rear-mounted design is optimized for touring. You won’t kick your panniers when folding or unfolding your kickstand.
  2. Mounting location means your loaded bike won’t pivot around the kickstand and fall over.

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Rear Mounted Kickstand

Rugged kickstand for fully-loaded bikes

There isn’t always a fence or tree to lean your bike against. And particularly if you’re touring, you’ll want your bike upright and accessible. This rear-mounted kickstand for rugged bikes is guaranteed to seamlessly fit in with any folding bike built on the CHANGE folding mountain bike frame (CHANGE 809, 811, 812). 

Although custom-designed for CHANGE bikes, it may also fit frames from other manufacturers with threaded rear-mounting holes 40mm apart on the left chainstay (the frame tube that goes from pedals to the rear wheel on the left side.)


  1. Adjustable-length aluminum shaft
  2. Fits CHANGE bike models 809, 811, 812
  3. Designed to the KSA-40 kickstand standard
  4. Weight: 10 oz.