Protect Your Biking Investment

Whether you’re buying a good bike that lasts or a succession of low-end bikes that don’t last, you’re making a significant investment in biking that deserves to be protected several ways.


First, sadly, there is no completely safe way to lock your bike. If your bike is outside overnight, especially in a city, it will get stripped. These bikes had top-quality U-bolt locks and had every component stolen that didn’t require a specialized tool.

Insecure Storage

But at least the locks keep a frame from getting stolen, right? They do, unless the thief has a portable angle grinder.

Broken Lock

So if there’s no completely safe way to lock up your bike on the street, you need to store it off the street. When your bike folds in half, like a CHANGE bike does, you can bring it inside and keep it safe, like this.

Bike in Room

Even if you’re not allowed to bring a bike up to your room, and you must leave it in a combined bike room downstairs, then folding it and removing the pop-off pedals makes it both easier to lock completely with a U-lock and impossible to ride off even if a thief can cut the lock. Why bother stealing something like that?

Locked Bike


The same rule applies to transporting a bike. A good bike glommed onto the outside of your car is more inviting to would-be bike thieves than a good bike inside the car or even inside the trunk, where its presence is completely unknown. Below are two ways to transport two full-size bikes. Which would you choose?

Transport BikeTransport Bike

But theft isn’t the whole story. A bike that is easier to transport gets used more often, increasing the return on your biking investment.

You can take it places without using a bike rack or special vehicle, rent a small car for the weekend, or even cycle a long way and take an Uber back.


A bike is worth very little if you can’t ride it. So anything you can do to make your bike more ridable for longer protects your investment in cycling.

So bring it inside at night, where the gears and cabling won’t rust, and passersby won’t flip your shifter levers just to see what happens. And of course, start with an easy-to-maintain bike in the first place, like a CHANGE bike with rapid-fire Shimano index shifting, and low-maintenance brakes.


Finally—or at the beginning, depending on your perspective—rely on a company that puts the customer relationship first. For example, look for these signs of customer care:

  • A number to call to speak to a real person about your cycling needs
  • Positive experiences from prior customers.
  • A 12-point quality check on any bike that goes out our doors.
  • FREE shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee if your bike isn’t what you expected, in fit, quality, or anything else. No questions asked.
  • A lifetime frame guarantee.v

That’s the Flatbike experience.


CHANGE bikes are available in hybrid commuter bike, hardtail mountain bike, and rugged hybrid—all with FREE shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime frame warranty from Flatbike, the US reseller for CHANGE bikes.

Which CHANGE bike is right for you?

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