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Looking back on 2016, one of the surprising high points of running Flatbike has been the stream of varied and thoughtful questions from people who are simply trying to make biking more convenient. It’s great to be able to help make people’s biking experiences better.

Some questions are specific to a niche audience (“Do you have a three-wheel version for balance issues, that also folds?”) while others have wider interest (“Can I add my own open market components to this bike?”). We happily answer all biking questions, whether or not we have the product you’re looking for.

For your convenience, we’ve recently combined many of these into a Frequently Asked Questions page. Is there something missing? Let us know…

Questions and big news for 2017.

At the same time, we have questions of our own. Focusing on the casual rider, or dedicated riders who have decided to go a different path and optimize for convent transportation/storage for their bikes, we have no road map to guide us but your interests, shared with us.

Some bikes travel better than others.
No, your old bike doesn’t really fit in your car. How about some added convenience in 2017?

So in the coming year, based on your feedback, we’re trying out some new products, like the higher-level CHANGE 612 mountain bike, with 30 speeds, Fox’s high-end “Air Fork” suspension and gnarly tires (Thanks, Marc!) We’re adding frames, for do-it-yourselfers who have specific component desires and want the most rocking custom bike ever (Thanks, Amber!) And we’ve just cracked the distribution challenge that will make the sames pop-off pedals as on our CHANGE bikes available as a stand-alone item (Thanks, Shelagh!).

How much demand exists for each item is an open question. Are these exciting developments to you?

Because we pride ourselves in quick US shipping, it’s critical that we get the inventory right. After all, who wants to wait two months for international restocking? The international order for our February delivery is going into CHANGE Bike this week, full of special items. Anything we should absolutely reserve for you?

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