5 reasons to go to the Seattle Bike Show this weekend

It’s easy to find excuses NOT to go out to  bike show in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. It’s rainy. There’s general hysteria about COVID-19. And really, how much will you miss by skipping this event just for one year?

A lot, really… and that’s just from Flatbike. Here are 5 reasons to visit the Seattle Bike & Outdoor Show this year at CenturyLink Field:

1. (NEW) Ride the Flatbike Century.

We’ve talked about it for a while–a true road bike designed for urban cyclists. The Flatbike Century is designed for comfortable 100-mile rides, yet folds two different ways to conserve space in your apartment or riding inside a car trunk. Now you can ride one, fold/unfold it, and see how this bike is a radical re-invention of the road-biking experience.

Flatbike Century folding road bike
The Flatbike Century: Made for the open road, yet house-trained.

2. (NEW) Ride the CHANGE 812…on a pump track!

The CHANGE 812 fold-away mountain bike was introduced last summer, but this is the first chance to ride it the way MTBs should be ridden, in rolling hills and tight turns that give you a great feeling for how this amazing hardtail rides—and then see how it fits inside your car with ease.

CHANGE 812 folding mountain bike
The CHANGE 812: Ready to try this on a pump track?

3. (NEW) Get a peek at the next bike to come out of Flatbike.

It’s not introduced yet, but we’re looking for early adopters. We call it the Flatbike Road Scholar ultimate campus bike, and it’s the answer to: “What does a performance bike look like when we optimize for zero maintenance?” You never have to pump up your tires, or futz with a front derailleur, or even lock up your rear wheel. And it fits unobtrusively in a dorm room.

Flatbike Road Scholar
We’re looking for enthusiasts for this concept to test it out before launch. Are you one?

4. Get once-a-year deals on bikes and components.

March is when we price last year’s inventory to finish moving, and this year’s inventory to start moving. So you’ll see the best deals ever on the CHANGE 811 and 812 bikes with 26″ wheels, which are still an important world standard–we just shipped a frame to Abu Dhabi this week. And we’ll have show discounts on the CHANGE 812, pop-off pedals, folding stems, and Tannus tire inserts.

big sale, big
If you’d like a deal, you’ve come to the right place.

5. See 70 other exhibitors, all in one area.

It’s the biggest bike show in the Seattle area, with 20+ manufacturers, BMX shows, main stage presentations (including Flatbike at 1:30PM on Saturday), and much more.

BMX at the Seattle Bike Show.
Some BMX stunts are simply mind-boggling.

A final word about the coronavirus.

Throughout Washington State and much of the country, event organizers in all industries are weighing their options and deciding how to respond–cancel, postpone, or proceed with precautions? The Seattle Bike and Outdoor Show is following the third option, which emphasis on these two efforts, which resemble good flu-management practices:

  1. Know the symptoms. If you’re experiencing fever or dry cough, please stay home or seek medical attention. This is no time to be social. The elderly are also at higher risk than the general population.
  2. Use good antiseptic practices. Wash your hands. And most booths, including ours, will have hand sanitizer. Use freely.

That said, there will probably be fewer attendees this year. All the exhibitors, just as much to see, but more opportunity to see it, and more opportunity to catch deals and have good biking conversations without huge crowds or long lines.

Is that a sixth reason to attend this year?

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