See you at the Seattle Bike Show?

Right now in Seattle, each rainy day is 3 minutes longer, with more tantalizing moments of what we call “sunbreaks”, reminding us that great biking days are right around the corner, just after the Seattle Bike Show down at CenturyLink Field (AKA C-Link Field, or just Clink) Event Center. And this year, Flatbike is one of the exhibitors!

The Seattle Bike Show features the best of biking – no matter your destination – with more than 125 exhibitors, a stand out line-up of speakers & presenters – and it is a great way to support the biking community of our region.

This is your once-a-year chance to see the entire biking community under one roof – and it all happens at CenturyLink Field Event Center, March 4-5, 2017.

Make sure to visit booth #1258, near the Classic Bike Show.

We’re right around the corner from the Classic Bike Show stage, where you can see the recent past of cycling, with handcrafted steel bikes from the 80’s. And just around the corner, the future of cycling–bikes you can ride everywhere and then fit anywhere.

This is our first trade show, so look for our brand new signage…

A great opportunity for questions and hands-on bike folding…

How does a CHANGE bike fold? Is it easy to do? How light is it? How does it feel as your next great ride? Booth #1258 a great hands-on opportunity to get answers to these questions and more.

We’ll have demo models of both the 702 commuter bike and the 609 mountain bike. (We know there’s been considerable interest in the 612 mountain bike as well, but that won’t be in stock until the end of March.)

…and one AMAZING opportunity.

Swing by Booth 1258 to enter your name in the drawing for a free chance at this bike.

We thought about what would be the coolest offer ever for this show, and the answer was obvious. A giveaway. A chance at a FREE 702 CHANGE commuting bike.

Imagine yourself with this bike. You can take it interesting places even when your partner has “the bike car.” Use it with any rental car. Or ride it to work and go out with friends afterwards in their car. At night, you can store a CHANGE bike safely inside an apartment without it getting in the way. So your bike lasts longer and you use it more.

What other full-size bike can fit in the back of a SmartCar?

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